keeping marriages strong

Our kids are all grown and gone, so it’s too late to worry now about all of the things we did wrong. We were kids raising kids so we made a lot of mistakes. By the grace of God we got through it and they turned out pretty good. As for marriage, we just celebrated our 51st anniversary this weekend. Why we have always stayed together is a mystery. We have nothing in common other than we truly love one another and are devoted to one another.
I like fishing, she hates it. I like motorcycles, she hates them. I love sea food, she hates it.
I like camping and RV’s, she hates it. However she never restricted me from enjoying those things. I did a lot of the things I enjoyed by myself. Sometimes she would go and try to pretend she liked it, but it was obvious to me that she was just trying to make me happy. eventually after 25-30 years we realized that we simply do not enjoy the same things, but we could not imagine living life without the other. So we found a way to get along and began to just let it be. as we grew older we grew much closer. The fewer friends and family we had in our ‘everyday’ lives, the happier we were. Age forty to age sixty went by in a flash and I have very little recall of those twenty years. we just recently realized that while we were busy working and paying the mortgage that we had gotten old. How did that happen? We didn’t think it would happen to us! The first clue was when our oldest daughter turned 50. Then one day like a dang fool I took a good look in the mirror. Yep, we’re getting old, but we still love one another more than ever. Our faith in God is stronger now because we have slowed down enough to take a look around. Our hearts have grown softer, we cry much easier, we respect all life and realize how fragile and precious it is. A few days ago she was upset that the squirrels were invading the bird feeder and wasting all of the food. She said I want you to get your .22 and shoot them. I said, I will load it for you and you can shoot them. We both knew that neither of us were going to kill the squirrels or anything else for that matter, other than copperheads or poisonous spiders. We both laughed. Just buy more bird feed, problem solved. Whatever a person does, they should enjoy the ride because it is a very short one. I would tell a young man or lady thinking about marriage, If you are not completely sure that you love him or her so much that you would gladly sacrifice your life for him or her. Don’t marry. Because that’s exactly what you will be doing.


This is fantastic advice! And marriage is not 50/50. Sometimes one will be 10 and the other will need to be 90. THAT is what love is all about! Forgiveness is also key. As well as advice from friends about your marriage - don’t listen to them regardless of how close you are to that friend. A marriage is between you and your spouse - and God.

Another thing I see often is couples comparing their marriage to other peoples marriage. That is futile!

That’s no mystery - that was God! :sparkling_heart:

No truer statement there!

I laughed at that one! I’ll never forget looking at my arm one day and it has the “old” look!! “Wait…what’s happening?!” Then I stepped back for a moment and thought - “That’s wisdom! Good ole experience in life!”

Okay - you can have some fun with that right there! I need to find the video, but you two would love to do this - I just know it! It’s basically an obstacle course for the squirrels to get to the feeder. I believe you said that you liked to build things…here is your opportunity! I will find the video and post it in a more appropriate category and tag you. :slight_smile:


I will sure look for it. I’ve slung ropes over 20’ high tree limbs, tied a piece of copper wire extension the last last 5 ’ to the feeder and greased it with crisco. It really is hilarious to watch them overcome. we did get to watch the first three or four do the sylvester the cat moves when they hit the grease, buy they kept trying one after the other until they wore the lard off. when they got tired of walking upside down to the pay dirt. they simply chewed the rope into up in the tree and it fell to the ground. Animals are not as dumb as we think. A week or so ago I cleaned out the shop and I had to move the bus cart that I put his food on top of where the dog can’t pester him. The next morning when I put his food out he came running in like always and put the brakes on. he looked at me and back at his cart that had been moved and he was not a happy camper. He wouldn’t touch it until I moved it back to its rightful place. Who is the master here? I thought. I get a lot of joy from them.

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I’m sorry, I was talking about the Tom cat.

That was an awesome response Kay. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Slinging ropes!! Pat (my hubby) is pretty good at that as well. Lots of practice where we live! :rofl: And my mom was using car grease on her poles…we had some real greasy squirrels around here. She also had strung up 2-liter bottles on a rope - those squirrels were flyin’!!

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