Just when I thought I knew everything

Three hunters checked into a small town motel. A bunk room for three was $30.00 per night.
The three guys slit it equally paying 10.00 ea. The motel owner realized that it was the first day of hunting season and thought he would give them a discount thinking they may stay there multiple nights. He took a five dollar bill out of the till and handed it to his handy man and told him to give to the guys in 112 and tell them we appreciate their business. On the way over the handy man wondered how three guys would split 5 bucks. He had a good idea, I’ll take out three ones and keep the 5 and we will all be happy. He handed the guys the three ones and told them the boss wanted them to come back tomorrow if you are in town.
Here’s where the problem comes in. Three men paid ten dollars each. they each received a dollar discount totaling 27 dollars for the room. plus the two dollars stole by the handy man
equals 29 dollars??? Does three nines really equal 27?

This question annoyed me cause it makes no sense to question if “THREE NINES REALLY EQUAL TO 27”, in the first place. :grin:

Based on the “facts” of the problem it does not matter about the two dollars.

Bunker room for three is $30. per night.
Hunter (1) PAID $10.
Hunter (2) PAID $1O.
Hunter (3) PAID $10.
TOTAL of $30. paid to owner for room.

OWNER Takes $5. BILL out of the TILL, gives to handyman, to give back to HUNTERS as discount. NEW TOTAL IS NOW $27. for the room. 3 times 9 = 27

Handyman TAKES OUT THREE ONES. (from where?)


Handyman gives the HUNTERS the THREE ONES.
The HUNTERS get the three dollars end of story. 3 times 9 = 27.

Two dollars does not exist and do not count in this math problem.

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Ericka, Keep reading and thinking. granted that 25 plus five equals 30. However, when the handyman took the 5 dollar bill and put it in his wallet and at the same time withdrawing 3 one dollar bills and giving each hunter a 1 dollar refund and leaving 2 dollars for the dishonest handyman. That accounts for the 5.00 dollar refund. That left the three hunters only paying 9 dollars each which totals 27.00 for the room after receiving a dollar each of the 5.00 withdrawn from the till plus the two dollars dollars stole by the handyman accounts for the 5.00 dollars. 25 plus five equals 30, but 27 plus two only equals 29 and that is the irritating problem.

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Ericka, I heard this story 50 yrs ago. I was told then that it was a flaw in mathematics? I’ve bounced it off of many people over the years. Most think it’s a trick of some kind and pester me for the answer. My wife’s brother has a PHD in mathematics and scoffed at the equation and mumbled something about, 'it’s the way you are presenting it, but never explained it. I’ve discovered that no matter what number used, it will always come up one short??? If you figure it out please let me know. Thx.

This is just too much for my brain to handle! :rofl: :joy: I just can’t. :stuck_out_tongue: