Job 41, Could it be leviathan satan disguised?

Good morning brothers and sisters.
I’m reading the book of Job with the Strong Concordance. In this chapter The Lord talks about leviathan, and with Strong it says that it is a serpent or marine monster, also Babylon.
Could it be that the “leviathan” were satan?
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Hey brothers and sisters!

Mr. Rodrigo would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this one! :+1:t3: :popcorn:

Needing more time to look at it but in my opinion, 41:34 is referring to Satan. The whole chapter talks of his power and strength.
If I am not mistaken, Job didn’t take his problems to God, his so-called buddies came over and gave him bad advice.
The first part of the chapter are questions to Job, which it appears God was trying to lead Job to asking for the help he needed instead of wasting time with the so-called friends. He was pointing out he was powerless against the leviathan.

I think so, it treats leviathan so in detail, and with features that belong to humans.
Thank you for the reply

You’re welcome. This can be applied in part to the study, “When Life Happens”.