I've Been Avoiding This Topic Like The Plague...

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Politics… It’s a topic I’ve been avoiding like the plague. However, we’re approaching a major political moment in our nation, and the world for that matter. In fact, not only is our Presidential election a few short months away, but now, there are elections popping up all over Europe. For those politically challenged, Euro-land is…


Thanks be to The Lord, in France and Germany they are beginning to see it. But they are flooded. It has no easy solution right now.
Here in Spain is like a circus. It’s horrendous, it’s terrible. Even my mother, 3x vaxxed is a poor sheep among this bunch of Satanists, because it is what they are. They lie, steal, do not have honor, nor principles.
My parents never taught me about politics. Never. I pray God for it.
But all this communist pestilence is satanic. It’s written. We must fight it, but if Our Father, The Creator has written it in His Word…
Because of this, if we, at any moment loose hope, we must read The Bible and pray God. He will sure strengthen us.

Well, I’m a common man so the only power I have is my vote. So I’m gonna vote for the people whose views are the closest to mine. Even if his or her motives are different thine mine, the results justify the means. I know who those people are because I listen to their words and compare those words to their actions. I watch every documentary, podcast and political news I can get. How else would you vet potential candidates and sitting officials that control our very lives. How can person concerned about the current state of their country not utilize the only power they posses. I cant understand that. Are they just going to seclude themselves and hope for the best? On the other hand I would encourage the uninformed to not vote, ever. 'They might as well play ‘Pin tail on the donkey’ .
Also if you do not vote, be happy with whatever you get. don’t complain.
Not only is it a civic duty, but also an obligation to your spiritual convictions.
At least it is to me.

I agree, “The truth of the matter is, “multiculturalism” was a trap that led us down a path to ruin.”

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This is the first time I am commenting :blush:first of all I am so thankful that God directed me to World Events!! It is a second witness to another teaching of the Bible that I have followed for over 17 years :pray:t2:
I wanted to comment on this particular topic only for one reason. I have listened to the “opposition” many a time but in the recent years there opinion goes against most of what Gods word teaches us. The most alarming opinions are that of “gay” relationships, abortion, to the extent that I would certainly consider outright murder and downright perversion!! I do not want to even give these types of opinions the time of day. I am very independent thinking but when these types of opinions are the main talking points of the opposition, I don’t want to hear another thing they have to say

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“multicultural”…that is another word for multi-religion, or multi-theology, or multi-ideology, or multi-belief…it is the “religion” power/horn. And yes, “they” do want that…as Satan does.