It's Friday, Let's Have Some Fun! What Is Your Occupation?

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It’s Friday, and it’s the last weekday of the month… Let’s go into the weekend on a light note. On Monday we can jump back into current events and talk about this crazy world. I plan to talk about… Ahh why spill the beans when I can leave you in suspense? All right, without further…


My turn! Lol I enjoyed getting to know you a little more there Brandon. My occupation right now is Dental treatment coordinator which I just started doing 3 months ago from being a pharmacy technician supervisor for 8 years (hated it!!!). I now know what it feels like to enjoy your job. I meet people from different walks of life and not only that…my bosses love Jesus and have no problems praying with everyone in the office( Thank you Jesus!!) I like the fact that I’m learning something new daily when it comes to my job, the doctors jobs as well as the hygienist job that I never knew. Also, job security…as long as people have teeth, they will always need a dentist lol


Back in the day, I was a legislative analyst for an ins co (yuk). Later, I went back to college and took wildlife biology to become a licensed rehabber and educator (volunteer). I also am, and have been, very involved in client development for my husband’s legal career and block of business he has built. My main occupation was raising 4 kids, 2 of which are adopted. Near and dear to my heart as I was adopted as well. FYI Martha was my birth name and not my legal name. Lol.


Retired. Graduated and went to work at NCR as a system technician bringing up and repairing their mainframe computer systems. Over the next 13 years or so i progressed though several major computed systems designers/oem manufacturers until i landed as global a global repair engineer. God gave me a special gift for logic, memory, and reasoning and a couple of companies took advantage of them as i was the one they sent to solve computer related issue that no one else seemed to be able to resolve. Again the Lords grace allowed me to do this as i just seemed to know from the age of 2 or 3 years old (so my parents and grandparents tell the story) how to take thing apart, figure out how they worked and put them back together again. Around 1982 i was coerced by my best friend , who was the VP of sales and marketing for an computer design company we joined at it founding, to become a product marketing manager. I retired in 2001 as the senior product line manager for the company that codesigned and patented USB, SATA and HDMI. moved from Calif. to Florida in 2002 and got bored in retirement and some got recruted to be a Radio Shack store manager. Relocated to Chattanooga ,TN in 2005 and was recruted away from Raidio Shack to manage Blockbuster stores. When they folded i began working for Samsung seting up, repairing and maintaining the elecronics displays in Best Buys, Walmarts, Sams Clubs, Costcos, etc. Now retired for good.


College degree in accounting, worked for a year in the field and “the heck with this nonsense”, left that for a construction job, commercial/industrial electrical. Opportunity to travel the world as a textile equipment field engineer, fancy term for road service tech. Loved the freedom and challenges but found the love of my life and married, my world tour ended. Landed a maintenance tech job at a local printing company that eventually led to a maintenance manager position. Years later and nearing retirement now still managing a maintenance department. Challenges, managing and leading highly skilled individuals who all believe they are smarter than me, true in many cases, while trying to represent and serve my Lord and employer.


I once worked at McDonalds as a cashier,

(we all have to start somewhere right?!)

It was actually fun at times and I enjoyed the early morning shift, as that was the time the elderly patrons came in for their morning coffee and biscuits. They were always so sweet and cute as they shuffled in, placed their usual order, and shuffled to their usual seats and ate quietly.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the people who came in during lunch!

Luckily, this was about the time I was clocking out for the day. One guy came in holding his opened burger in its wrapper. “Where is your manager?!” I remember him demanding. I got her and she came to the front counter. This man was irate that they messed up his order and put onions on his burger when he clearly said - No onions.

He ranted. He raved. He threw his onion topped burger toward our manager hitting the back serving tray, sending onions and burger pieces flying! My manager yelled for the man to leave or she was calling the cops and he stormed out.

A while after all this excitement of working at Micky D’s, I become a life guard at a local aquatic park. No angry hamburgers being thrown but plenty of happy kids swimming away summer!

Nowadays I’m full time with a career of my dreams. The food still occasionally flies but the patrons never leave and are full of laughter. Kids are running around happy and I watch them swim away summer. It’s being a mom and better yet, a stay at home mom. Plenty of over time and the benefits are endless!


I am retired now, but I was a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) for 34 years, I held Nursing License and Advanced Nurse Practitioner License in 40 states and worked in 27 of those states. I started my career in the health field shortly after coming out of high school and by joining the United States Air Force. I went in requesting to be put into the medical area. I was trained as an Operating Room / Scrub Nurse Assistant passing instruments during the different surgeries. After leaving the AF, a number of years later, I went into nurses training at a local community college. I knew the minute I was accepted into nursing school program I wanted to go into Anesthesia.

The Lord had his hand on me all along, even as a non-Christian. Within a year of completing nursing school, and then working one year in an Intensive Care Unit, ( a requirement for acceptance and entry into the school of Anesthesia), I started my training to become an Anesthetist. Nowadays, the wait for such an opportunity can be 5 -10 years. The cost now for such training easily exceeds 100 thousand dollars. My schooling was $350.00 total cost for tuition, plus I received a stipend every month for the 2 years of training. Again, I give the Lord all the glory and praise.

I saw the best and worst of people from a Level 1 trauma center. From all kinds of accidents, gun shots, vehicle accidents, or accidents in the home, or on a job site, burns, life and death situations often times. I cried with joy with the parents during C-Sections as their new born was handed to them safe and alive for the first time. I cried with families at the news of a loved one passing unexpectedly. Just so much that I saw and experienced. I loved the ever changing challenges with all my patients. I spent 54 years as a care provider. I loved my job and I love people. So many people don’t know how to appreciate life and health. Life is so precious. Never take it for granted.

Working as a Locum Tenens CRNA, and all the travel involved across the country, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to so many people. I believe my greatest gift was to my patients. I could make them feel safe and somewhat at ease as they faced their surgery. Each patient knew they were special and would receive the very best of care.

Being retired now, I love my home and staying put. I spend lots of time in Bible Study and still share the word. I love meeting new people and helping the young. Thanks for the opportunity to share now.


accountant…and accounting supervisor (retired last year)


Retired. Worked 37 years for the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources, the last 28 years I supervised a Trout and Salmon Hatchery near Lake Michigan. We spawned fish to hatch, raise and stock between1 million and 600000 smolts and fingerlings annually. It was a very good job, but I had to live at work because of all the systems necessary to keep that many fish alive. That and it was most always cold and nasty when salmon spawned.


I’m self employed as a financial advisor. This is a second career for me. The prior 27 years I was a CPA primarily working in private industry with real estate and construction companies. Five years ago the Lord opened a door for me to really help folks in an industry that is near and dear to me. Nerdy, I know.


Retired! Many years worked construction after I got out of the Navy. It was March 1973. At the end of high school in 72 my number was 85 for the draft so I walked across the street and joined the Navy. Went to boot camp then stationed on USS Caloosahatchee AOJ- 98 An auxiliary oiller. We suppled the fleet with oil, gas, and avgas which is aviation fuel. Also maintenance equipment for the ship and food. Ship’s would come alongside us about 35 yards from us. Sometimes both sides. We were the first oiller to refuel the USS Nimitz CVN 68 an aircraft carrier commissioned in 75.On our ship stood six sections of two towers approximately 25 to 35 ft tall on either side on the ship’s deck attached to one another by a walkway. On the stations which supplied fuel had a horn hanging out towards the water that supported a 6" fueling hose. With a 2 ft long nozzle looking like the head of a pen. It would slid down a 2" metal cable attached above the fueling port by what was called a pelican hook on the other ship. (I’m not going to explain how we get it there) There’s one station per tower twelve stations on the ship. Some were fueling stations others were to send food and supplies .I would say the most memorable time was fueling the JFK Carrier while they were having flight operations something very few people would ever experience. The carrier was about 3 to 4 times our size even from our weather deck you could see taking off and landing and if you happen the signal bridge the highest part of the ship you had a clear view it was amazing. I would guess the funniest thing is we became what they called bluenoses of the fleet. We crossed over the Arctic circle while assigned to the 2nd fleet during our 73 Mediterranean cruise and visited Oslo,
Norway for a short period and rejoin the 7th fleet off the coast of Israel during the Yom Kipper war. I would imagine the most horrowing thing that happened was our collision with the USS Inchon LPH-12 on the 16th of December 75. The official record stated we were in rough sea when the accident happened, however I’m alive to tell you that’s not correct. We were off the West coast of Italy near Genoa in beautiful seas when our rudder pin sheared in half according to our engineering staff and drove us port into the side of the ship which was close to the size of an aircraft carrier dragged across our bow in which part of it’s elevator was left on the front of our ship and we lost one of our anchors. No one was hurt on any ship. My underway replenishment station was not manned because we were not giving them supplies. I was at my normal job which was supply operations and records keeper. I ran the office for orders coming in from the fleet filled the orders and assisted whether sent by cable or helo. That’s all for now


I started out working for my dad’s company as a receptionist after high school. The company designed and supplied batching automation system for various industries including feed mills, concrete, poultry processors and even did a job for Kodak. His company supplied automation for the FIRST disc camera ! Remember those?! Over the 12 yrs that I worked there did various accounting duties and purchasing and inventory control. I learned A LOT…but I didn’t even realize it until years later. One of the MAIN things I learned that you interact with all employees the same including the VP’s.

What I mean by that is after I left there, I went to work for a hobby magazine & book publisher. I started there as a “temp” in the dealer sales and service dept (we sold books and magazines to hobby shops). It was a dept of maybe 7 or 8 women. When I came into work one day I had stopped in the hallway and was talking with the president of the company - just small talk. I walked into the dealer sales & service dept and all the women rushed over to me to and asked what I was talking about! I was quite shocked…he was just a person like everyone else. Oh…the other thing I learned…I really disliked working with dept full of women. I felt like I was in high school again - the drama was ridiculous. Thankfully I left that dept. and worked in the Circulation dept. Started as the billing and renewal specialist (you know those annoying renewal notices you get for mag subscriptions…over and over and over again!) and then worked my way up to Circulation Operations Supervisor (They wouldn’t give me the title of manager because I didn’t have a college degree :roll_eyes:) I streamlined all of the workflow and massive amounts of paper to spreadsheets. Man, I loved creating Excel spreadsheets - I had some pretty intense calculations in those things - all self taught by the way. I learn best by figuring things out for myself. Then Pat and I decided to have a baby, I let my boss know immediately (even before I was actually pregnant) to let him know that we needed to get someone in that could take over my job. There was too much that I did that no one else knew anything about. A lot of people thought I was crazy to let them know right away, but that was the work ethic that I got from working for my dad. So after working 12 yrs there, I took on the most fulfilling job of them all. Being a mom - and then a homeschooling mom. Best job EVER!!

Note: Sorry it’s not Friday anymore…but better late than never! :upside_down_face: And it took me a couple days to write this…just too busy lately!


I’m a freelance writer, virtual assistant, and blogger. I used to be a social worker though. I worked in social services, then as a school counselor, then at a community action agency. Let’s just say I’m very happy with where I’m at right now. :heart:


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