It's a Mad House

Now now Cozar…we jave to be gentle with our words! :roll_eyes:

Btw…what kind of fish are you holding in that pic???

A really big one!!

Just being a smart alec.

It’s a Red Fish.

I only do catch n release.
Hate to clean fish.

I consider it exercising the fish. :joy:

I’m with you on that one! And yes, it’s very good exercise for the fish. :rofl: It sure is a cool looking fish - I had to look it up and I’m assuming saltwater. I’ve never fished in the ocean - just freshwater lakes. I used to do a lot of fishing with Pat. We used to go up to Canada every year for a week and just fish! Nothing better than good clean Canadian Walleye. (Pat cleaned them…I did not.) :wink:

FYI - Cozar deleted his comment and trust me…it wasn’t a bad comment at all! I was just teasing him when I said to be gentle with his words!! Silly Cozar! :wink: