It begins: Poland stops supporting Ukraine

Remember this post about Ukraine war fatigue setting in?

Well, Poland just said they’re not sending any more arms to Ukraine. By the way, Poland is the 6th largest supporter of Ukraine’s war.

Remember, it was just back in spring when Poland sent Ukraine F16 fighter jets.

The crack just got a lot wider.


And another one…

“The outgoing bureaucratic government of Slovakia will no longer send any military products to Ukraine,” she cites the representative of the government of the republic. The authorities took this step against the backdrop of negotiations on the formation of a new composition of the Cabinet “between parties that oppose the provision of such assistance” to Kiev, the publication explains.

I’ve said it for along time now, Russia will not stop fighting. They have to in order to survive as a nation and people. Meanwhile, the West is beginning to buckle.

Definitely interesting to watch. Praying for God’s will!

Is the U.S. next to give up support for Ukraine?

This just in from John Kirby, with respect to funding Ukraine.

But in the near term, we’ve — we’ve got appropriations and authorities for both Ukraine and for Israel. But you don’t want to be trying to bake in long-term support when you’re at the end of the rope.

And in Ukraine — on the Ukraine funding, we’re — we’re coming near to the end of the rope. I mean, today we announced $200 million, and we’ll keep that aid going as long as we can, but it’s — it’s not going to be indefinite.

So then, if the U.S. bails out of Ukraine, and as I’ve said before, I think it’ll happen unless we’re eyeing a new world war. Then our nations leaders provoked and got involved in yet another losing contest at the expense of untold lives and billions of dollars. Which in turn, divided our nation over who you should and should not support.

I wonder if Americans will ever stop allowing themselves to be divided over the latest saga or crisis?

The last time I check, America was in bad shape. Our politicians cannot even put the House together, our border is wide open, they’re printing trillions of dollars which only adds more inflation. This has gone on for decades, but gets worse by the day.

But hey, “Stand with Ukraine,” or whoever is the latest nation.

It’s a great diversion tactic from our own failures and issues.