Israel: 'We're Rolling Out Nakba 2023'

As I’ve shared with you, “nakba” in Arabic means, “the catastrophe.” For Palestinians, that was their forced removal from the land back in ’48 and ’67.

The Israeli minister said,

“We are now rolling out the Gaza Nakba. From an operational point of view, there is no way to wage a war – as the IDF seeks to do in Gaza – with masses between the tanks and the soldiers.”

You didn’t know that before?

We have more,

When asked again whether this was the “Gaza Nakba”, Dichter – a member of the security cabinet and former Shin Bet director – said “Gaza Nakba 2023. That’s how it’ll end.

So there you have it.

Israel is once again committing genocide against the Palestinians and the survivors are removed from the land. But hey, you got to get those Hamas guys which sure seem in short supply among the Palestinians dead.

Christians are really supporting this?..

I think we have been led to believe over many years that all the Arabs are evil people. 911 iced it for many. (Also, the peoples of other nations, Russia, Iran etc.) Logically, this cannot be true. There are some good everywhere.
We also have been led to believe by the majority of churches that Israel are God’s chosen.

If we want to be honest with ourselves, put all the narrative aside that we have been fed by our leaders and the church, we know what we have been fed is false. We have been told that we are the good guys no matter what we do. Many of us have lost empathy for others living in the horror that they do. It is far away, and we justify it.

Some justification is done because of what their spiritual belief is. They are Islamists. According to our Lord and Savior, the Israel of today are wicked and of the Synagogue of Satan. Remember, there has probably been more bloodshed by Christians than any other religion forcing it on others.

I do agree that anyone has a right to defend themselves. We did that when Japan came to our boarder at Pearl Harbor. Did that justify the bomb?

At what point is the “payback” enough? On a smaller scale, when a police officer defends himself, is it justified to trash a city, burn cars and loot stores in a city that had nothing to do with the shooting? Some justify it.

We have racism in this country by what happened over 100 years ago. Both sides. Does that justify those who still hang on to it to destroy others’ lives and property.

If we put ourselves in other shoes, and had our home taken away for someone else, would we view the entire race a little different?

My whole point here is there is no justification to the extent of what Israel is doing in Gaza. We are being fed lies every day, so we justify it.
Why must 60-year-old grandfathers and grandmothers, a newborn, small children as well as young adults pay for those radicals of Hamas for what they did. (I agree it was horrendous) Not one innocent should pay.
If it was your family that paid the ultimate price for someone else’s actions, what would be your response.