Israel: 'We barely see terrorists. They’re underground'

Israeli troops say,

Yep, the Israeli’s are playing wack a mole in Gaza.

We see rockets flying into Israel from Gaza, Israel is dropping bombs by the thousands on Gaza. More than 10,000 Palestinians are dead, but there’s no terrorists to be found. They only live underground the Israelis say.

That’s right, it turns out, Hamas is sort of like the Morelocks, you know, from H.G. Wells movie, “The Time Machine.”

So what does Israel do to exterminate the “tunnels of terror?”

That’s right, they fill in the shaft of the tunnel, leaving the tunnel intact.

Because no ones going to think about digging it back out, right?!

Oh, I know, I know.

The Morelocks, I mean Hamas have thousands of tunnel hatches.

The most wise and prudent thing to do, would be to send into the tunnels a covert ops team. Kill the rulers of said terror tunnels, not entirely, just enough to get in deep, and plant explosives. Then, get to safety, and detonate said explosives to collapse the tunnel network.

By gosh by golly, this would certainly wipe out any Morelocks and their dreaded, tunnels of terror. This would also mean, you wouldn’t have to kill 10,000 Palestinians and bomb a city back to the Stone Age, ahh, but who cares?

They’re just Palestinians anyway and Jews are more important.

Then again, if you listen to the other side of the media, in one instance, there is no terror tunnel by the hospital to begin with…

So turn back on American and Israeli TV, put toothpicks on your eyes to keep them open, lean back, and get your daily dose.

I pray more people just step back and use common sense and open their eyes to see what is really happening. So many are indulging themselves with all the propaganda and don’t think twice to use their own God given wisdom to see. Although…I believe that is exactly what’s happening - people are not connecting to God to obtain that wisdom…just like the bible says. Come Jesus Come!

This gang?

I had to read that twice, I thought you were talking about Schladge and Master.