Israel Strikes Iran Amid Reports Of Uranium Enrichment

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Israeli drones attacked an Iranian military factory in the city of Isfahan. The rumor mill is abuzz with reports saying numerous Iranian facilities have been attacked. However, official Iranian sources actually downplay the single attack that took place. Nevertheless, we have a lot to unpack in this one. As usual, Israel has not commented and…

It seems Iran is taking hits from all angles, both from human and natural sources. Daniel’s Vision certainly does come to mind.

This particular development along with its rhetoric, appears to be consistent with the globalists’ admitted roadmap for overthrowing the Iranian regime - “Which Path to Persia?”. Specifically, Chapter 4 (“OSIRAQ Option”) of the blueprint.

They openly publish that such air strikes on key Iranian facilities by the United States (in unison with Israel) to subdue Iran, could be justified (i.e., pretext) in this way:

The United States might be able to provide a reasonable justification for such a campaign by building on the fact that the UN Security Council has repeatedly proscribed Iran’s nuclear enrichment activities in resolutions enacted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which are binding on all member states.

Nuclear enrichment. Of course.

It’s also interesting how this is happening just soon after Netanyahu’s re-assumption of power. Strategic attacks of this nature against Iran had largely ceased in his absence. I guess the deep-rooted hatred he harbors against the Iranian regime is the firepower the West’s geostrategic hawks need.

Unfortunately, the human cost seems to matter very little in these greed-inspired ‘operations’. It’ll be interesting to watch unfold.

More details emerge on this one…

The world knows Israel did it, but let’s not play like the U.S. didn’t know in advance. Of course they did. Remember, the two nations had just completed joint military drills. This was well coordinated, but we’ll never hear those details.

My opinion, this was done to stop Iran from arming Russia, which means. The war is starting to span the globe. Not good.

Times of Israel:

  • The drone attack on a defense facility in Iran was carried out by Israel to protect its own security interests, and not to prevent weapons exports to Russia…
  • Tehran has been supplying suicide drones for the Kremlin’s use in the nearly year-long invasion of Ukraine.
  • The “kamikaze” drones have been deployed to attack Ukrainian civilian sites and critical infrastructure facilities

The world is becoming more of a mess…

They now say, Iran is at 84% purity. 90% is needed for nukes.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is trying to clarify how Iran accumulated uranium enriched to 84% purity — the highest level found by inspectors in the country to date, and a concentration just 6% below what’s needed for a weapon.