Israel rejects ceasefire, “this is a time for war”

It’s their decision, which is backed by the United States.

However, most of the world’s nations reject this notion, and want a ceasefire, and humanitarian aid. So Israel and the United States find themselves in the minority on this one.

It’s worth noting, according to an ex-German chancellor, the United States forced Ukraine not to negotiate peace with Russia.

So it seems, some want more blood and death.

Hey, if you have no problems with the United States funding Ukraine and Israel to cause more bloodshed, then you might want to consider making some blood money on the deal…

If you invest in defense contractors, you’re sure to make a blood buck. They’re selling weapons left and right, so much, there’s concern they’re going to run out. It’s just like as Covid hit, if you invested in vaccine companies, you would make a fortune. I knew that ahead of time.

Yet, we choose to stick with Godly morales, and we abstained then, and we’ll abstain now.

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If we knew what went on behind the closed doors in this nation, we would probably be ranked as one of the lowest for morals and ethics, yet the masses put us on a pedestal.

Is it any wonder our nation is being torn apart from within, the Lord has many ways to bring someone to the altar but sadly I don’t see it happening.
Isaiah 2:4 1 Corinthians 6:2

Without using a curve, what score would we have today?

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