Israel launches “special Gaza incursion”

This is not the big invasion the world is waiting for.

This is a quick hit to see what the ground situation is like.

Video footage and more details at the link.

Keep in mind, 1400 Israeli’s died in the Hamas attack. They say, 1500 terrorists carried out that attack and they were all killed. Now, over 7000 Palestinians in Gaza have paid with their life. Citizens. Gaza is becoming a flattened mess.

Are the two sides even, yet?

There’s 2.3 million people in Gaza, and the UN said 45% of residential structures are destroyed. Where are the people going to live after this? Ahh and there’s the rub. What is happening and what will happen is ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (Arabs).

The world is going to look very different at Israel should this continue.

In fact, the UN has already said Israel has violated international law. Not to mention other harsh responses from China and other nations. We have quite the world event on our hands my friends.

Gaza: Before And After Photos

I keep hearing about rockets hitting Tel Aviv, but there’s no photos of it or the damage, but here’s some photos of Gaza.

Russia, China Veto U.S. Resolution Backing Israel

This from Reuters:

The initial U.S. text shocked many diplomats with its bluntness in stating Israel has a right to defend itself and demanding Iran stop exporting arms to militant groups. It did not include a call for humanitarian pauses for aid access.