Israel is at war

Wars and rumors of wars, here’s some more…

Apparently, Hamas attacked Israel by “land, air, and sea.”

They say 40 Israelis are dead and hundreds wounded.

Israeli PM Bibi said,

Citizens of Israel, we are at war. And we will win. The enemy will pay a price like they have never known before. The IDF has declared a state of war. We are in a state of war.”

“We are at war,” strong words.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog chimed in saying,

“I call upon the family of nations - this war waged against us marks a line in the sand. Now is the time to hear clear, unequivocal condemnation of Hamas, its allies, and its backers in Iran. Now is the time to stand firm with Israel in support of its just and moral battle in the face of an abhorrent enemy.”

This always ties back into Iran, which I feel ties into the Biblical event in Daniel’s Vision.

In case anyone asks, “Who do you stand with?”

I don’t play those games of division. I think all war and terror are awful. At the same time, I also know, Israel constantly attacks Palestinians and you rarely hear a word about it. Over the years, Israel has bulldozed and destroyed Palestinian homes, and beaten the people. There are plenty of atrocities on both sides.

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If anyone asks me, it’s an easy answer. I stand with Israel. Who do you stand with Brandon?
the death toll is 100 last I checked.

I think most will stand with that country called Isreal. Maybe even there will be sometime a really big event(s) to the point that it will appear as that Isreal will be destroyed…then Satan will come to save his own…and the whole world will wonder after the beast.

could this possibly be a wag the dog thing? Israel has the most advanced intelligence systems in the world. what is happening, is just horrific. i will not stand with either side.

This morning the death toll is now over three hundred and counting.

Yea they have the iron dome. I was in isreal in 2019 working on the IDF base. Heard it go off a few times. We got bombed back then. Still felt safer there than in liberal American cities. One night there was bombings we had to go to the bunker. The next day at the IDF chow hall we saw one of thier commanders. He asked how we slept, then he told us we will sleep good tonight because they are gonna bomb the s%^# out of them today lol. He was right. Israelis and Palestinians loved Americans. Both treated us very very good. They just hated each other lol

Went into Palestinian. Was not supposed to. Oh well. That’s where Bethlehem is. Had to go there. Was very cool to see all the places you read about in the Bible also the dead sea. Def would go back.

There was an app called red alert i think that we used that would tell us who got attacked and where they got hit. It was interesting.


First - thank you so much for your service. I didn’t remember (or maybe I didn’t know) that you served. Great story and thanks for sharing…and interesting to say the least!