Israel And Iran Are This Close To War

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The Middle East is beyond a dumpster fire at this point… The situation in Gaza is a catastrophe to put it lightly. Over 33,000 Palestinians have been killed now. When is enough, enough? Who knows… What we do know, is the U.S. Government continues to send bullets and bombs to the Israelis to the tune…


More propaganda pushed by the us gov so they can have more fake wars to expand control for the new world order.

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I do not think many Israelis believe in Jesus Christ??? What are we doing there and why do we give them money??

The United States is dispatching additional warships and aircraft to the region.

As I pointed out in my article, the CIA and the media tried to pump this narrative a week ago and it fizzled. Now suddenly, we’re told about the new 48 hour narrative until Iran attacks the state of Israel.

Sorry, not buying it.

Remember when the US assassinated Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani?

Iran did nothing.

We all know why, it would unleash war on their soil. If Iran attacks Israel, it would give the U.S. the green light to fulfill the Brookings Report from way back when. You remember, “Which Path To Persia?”

So I don’t see Iran attacking Israel directly on their soil.

Instead, I see Iran doing other smaller things.

Look what we have this morning…

This was confirmed by Iranian media.

That was their revenge.

I’m not making any predictions here. However, any “attack” on Israeli soil I highly doubt will have been caused by Iran. They just have everything to lose and nothing to gain by doing so.

In other words, a false flag by the CIA, and the IDF, is eminent.

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Americans have been brainwashed for so long, partly bc of Darby and Schofield, and it’s almost impossible to snap them out of it…I know bc I was one of them. If I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard I’ll bless those who bless you I’ll curse those who curse you which is under the old covenant and no longer applies. What Israel is doing is genocide and war crimes and I’m so sick of “Christians” applauding what they’re doing. They are not Gods “chosen people” but they’ll use it every chance they get. They rejected Jesus and still do. They actually hate Jesus and spit on Christians so I can only pray that people wake up to the truth. “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, nor anything secret that will not become known” :pray::pray: