Isn't technology wonderful?

I say Not so much, the medical advancments are a goodthing. But it has seeped in to every nook and cranny of our lives. If a person really thinks about it, its depressing. It saves time and money, makes your company more profitable. Gives people more freedom and makes life much more convienient. Very soon you will be able to ditch your billfold and purse along with your DL , credit cards, insurance and all of it. Your I.D and bank account and everything about you can be accessed by a simple scan of your forehead or hand. Or you can opt for one of those little boxes with all the sqiggly lines referred to as an icon implanted with laser technology into your forehead and hand, Why forehead and hand you ask? Well, for many reasons, #1 positive I.D in any circumstance, disaster, plane crash, explosion etc. So see, it’s for your your own protection and safety as always. Are their any downsides?..

What could possibly go wrong? Sign me up!

Oh don’t get me started!! :laughing:

Don’t you know? It’s all about convenience! It’s progress!

So what does convience and this wonderful progress bring to mankind? Laziness, lack of exercise, not being able to take care of one’s self nor their family, dependency on the government, dependency on big corp, dependency on the medical system and simply put, stupidity.

Okay…I’m done for now. Gotta get to sleep and wake up early tomorrow. God bless y’all!!