Is Your Mayor A Part Of The C40?

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I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the C40?” Oh, I’m glad you asked! You’re not going to believe what I’m going to share today, but first, to answer your question… “C40 is a global network of mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis.” C40 Cities If…


Well our mayor is a POS, communist liberal, take a knee to BLM, held the pride flag leading the gay pride parade scumbag and has mentioned most of what you have in the blog today.

Sorry, I have had too much caffeine. :sunglasses:

So in other words, just implementing communism city by city.


Yep, LA is 60 miles west of me…so we’ll feel the evil pressure for sure. Some will say, don’t get involved with politics, when we better be involved in religion(belief/ideology/phylosophy) and use that on the governing horn…we better speak against “climatecon” and label it correctly…it is anti-humanity, that very life God Himself created… His children and a place that He created for us “to be inhabited”.


They can all pound sand!

So no more Philly cheesesteaks? Ha!

Good luck with that.


This proves there is a universe of distance between wisdom and intelligence, and these idiots are an insult to the intelligent.

Oh, and home boy isn’t giving up his smoker and grill.


I am with ya on that one .

Now they want to add this to their list .

I am not a drinker but this is just a total control (communism) agenda.

Dem good ole boys ain’t gonna go for this Bull.

All these groups and initiatives to sing the same song and paddle basically the same agenda.

This particular “global network” is apparently part-funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. You can almost always deduce what an initiative stands for by looking at its bankrollers and their creed.

And of course, the entire thing is just absurd (which is to be expected).


I’m in Florida. I can’t imagine being in one of those liberal cities. Id be an outlaw. Im prob already on a gov watch list. But this stuff they are pushing is crazy


On the 2500 calories a day agenda.

Apparently they haven’t cleared that one with Gerald Nadler and Chris Christie.

I really need to cut back on the coffee my wife says. :innocent:

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Well, one good thing about this one for freedom, it’s only a recommendation. I was sitting there thinking, good luck forcing people into only buying a specific amount of alcohol. Then again, they do a fair job at that in the South.

I understand what yer saying.

Just glad they are focusing on real problems like beer.

Can’t be bothered with the record amounts of Fentanyl coming in the country.

How will they control what I buy? Digital money! Sir, Ma’am, I’m sorry but my register is telling me NO SALE on this and that. Most states have gone to electronic electric meters. Have you noticed there are no longer meter readers? When service is activated or discontinued it is done at a computer console, as well as recording usage. That means minimum and maximum thermostat settings can be mandated, you will have no control of your thermostat. I know this sounds like a conspiracy freak on steroids. Why would utility companies go along with a plan to limit use of the product they sell? In order to comply with mandates from the FEC! The technology is already in place, the hardware is rapidly being installed. It i s amazing to me how the majority seems to be unaware of how drastically their lives will be changed and liberties gone forever, and in the very near future. How did the FEC get the power to force privately owned energy companies to comply? ‘Climate change’ How can the government force auto makers to make and promote electric vehicles? You guessed it, ‘climate change’ Besides that, remember when two of Americas largest iconic auto makers went broke ? The government bought the lions share of their stock [with tax payer money] allowing them to stay in business. What did the taxpayer get out of it? That’s right, higher car prices. The left has a huge advantage over the right as far as protesting and having their voice heard because working people are too busy trying to make a living and paying taxes and are law abiding and non violent, most unable to take off work to protest in the first place. ‘The squeaky wheel always gets oiled first’.


I will not comply and would be happy to live far away from blue cities/states that support these initiatives. Crazies!