Is The World Destroying Christianity Or Are We Destroying Ourselves?

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The walls are beginning to close in on Christians. The world has been gunning for Christianity since its birth. Yet, there were many good times, and Christianity spread throughout the world, helping the world. Helping people in need. That’s what the Bible does for people, it helps them, and provides hope in a hopeless world.…


I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the same topic. His family studies online as many of us do. He stated he would love to find a church to attend and fellowship with others keeping the truth but their just seems there are few out there. Most have turned into social clubs. I feel the same way.

The last one he attended several years ago was during Christmas; the sermon was about whether Santa Claus was a man or a woman.

The last one I attended had a tv talk show once a week. The weeks feature was on homosexuality. The guest was a member and she stated she was a Christian first and a lesbian second. The pastor was ok with it. I still haven’t connected those dots.
The one we tried before that closed on Christmas Sunday because people would be too busy shopping and what not. I couldn’t match the irony with another example.

On our forum, one of the few rules we have is to leave church names off the forum.

Yikes! Sorry about that…that was an honest mistake on my part!

How many lies have Christians of said church repeated over the years?

I was actually thinking about that last night. I know I have repeated some and I pray that I did no harm.

The modern church cannot be what God intended, if it were, it would provide more blessings in people’s lives. It would change more people’s lives for the better, it would change society for the better.

That explains it! Like you said, our society is rotting. And just like God said it would.

Great insight Brandon - thank you so much and many blessings to you and everyone in this community!

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Wow…just wow! I’m so happy I’m not wasting my time trying to find a brick and mortar church!! I’m happy just where I am. I plants seeds where I can, face to face and I share studies on my FB page.

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This was a good read, and it ties right into the article I wrote.

Pictures from Birmingham show Vaughan-Spruce, 45, simply standing near the abortion clinic silently praying when an officer confronts her. She was not blocking access or displaying any protest signs or material. Nevertheless, she was arrested, jailed, interrogated, and ultimately charged with four counts of violating the abortion clinic “buffer zone.”

According to reports, the West Midlands Police officer asked herare you praying?” She responded “I might be praying in my head, but not out loud.”

Gods Word does not change, and it cant conform to societal changes. Thats the reason why our world is in decay. Society must conform to the Word. A Christians duty is to spread Gods truth. You cant water down the Word to make it acceptable to those who say its not appropriate in this day and age. Just because some feel its okay to accept certain societal changes doesnt make it right. The Word is quite clear. Live by it, snd rebuke those who dont.