Is it time to mask up?

There’s been a lot of blabber about lockdowns this fall…

It’s political propaganda.

The hallmarks of such an event are not there. There’s sporadic news about Covid over Labor Day, news about it being in 5 states, and so on. Why even Fauci and the CDC are not jumping on the fear train.

The reason?

…those with immunity “very well may get infected with the new virus that’s circulating,” the leading immunologist added that "96 percent or more of the population has some degree of immunity, either through prior infection or through vaccines, or both—with or without boosters.

So, don’t take the political bait my friends.

It’s out there in big supply.

My immunity is old testament health laws, master tonic, going to the beach getting lots of sun, and excessive sweating and exercise!

Is that anything like Geritol, or Milk of Magnesia?
Those have been keeping me going. :joy:

Got the exercise and sun thing going on already.

Maybe I need to up my game. :innocent:


This is what i make and take 1 oz mixed with a Lil water daily then chase it with local honey ! I make it my self. Its easy to do. You do all that chop it up small or blend. Put in a jar with acv. Let it sit a few weeks then strain it out. My dad takes the pulp left over juices it and put it into the liquid. Its good to go. I keep mine in a glass jar in the fridge. 1 shot will give you life :sunglasses:


Thanks I will look into it.

Might do a lighter version than listed.
More than two ingredients and my brain fizzles out. :joy:

I already do ACV 1st thing each morning.

You might be surprised on how you get used to those flavors. I’m working up my tolerance with our cayenne and a bit of water. We take it like a shot. Not in the arm, but down the hatch! :wink:

Is that the fire cidar recipe?

Yes it is. Have you made it before?

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I was always going to, but never did. I am making it this year. I have a lot of ferments goingand will be adding this to the mix.

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Covid is a distant memory for the unvaccinated.


I sure dont believe it either. Lies to bring fear and cause more to take that creepy vaccination


Hey Jeff, you’re famous in our household…

After reading ya’ll talk about tonic (ACV), we decided to make some. I can’t tell you how many times we say, “One shot will give you life!” :joy:

I’m not going to even lie, I drank my shot in four sips the first time or two. Then I saw the kids pound it like soldiers, so I had to man. :smile::muscle:t3::+1:t3: My oldest son is the bartender, I mean tonic tender.

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Lol that’s awesome! I’ll be making more today as i an getting low. Sounds like your kids are tougher than me. I have to add a Lil bit of water to mine when i take the shot lol. Keep up the good work! God put plenty on this earth to keep us healthy! Just takes some knowledge and work to live the lifestyle. Since i have been taking the shot and doing the old testament health laws i have been healthier than ever at age 39 :sunglasses:

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Well, @brandon beat us! We let ours steep for a full month. Pat did his version and I did mine. I knew I should have written down what we put in it. I strained ours with cheesecloth and then added a bit of raw honey. It did warm us up on the chilly morning!

I’m also gonna get more onion vinegar going. I use onion skins and the cut off ends from big yellow onions. It makes the BEST vinegar and we want to use it in the fire cider. We are going to get our next batch going so we don’t run out. :wink: We only made just shy of a quart each. And our 16 yr old will be drinking it too.


100 oz of my vaccine ready to go in 2 weeks.

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