Is Cussing A Sin?

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Cussing is not very Godly, and it doesn’t reflect a positive image for Christians. However, is cussing a sin to death?


well said, Brandon. Using slangs and vulgarities can get to be a habit to the point we don’t even realize we are using it. Some of the words you mentioned are used commonly among laborers to communicate, the volume and accent used can have many meanings that are clearly understood by all present. uh oh, I don’t know what happened but I know it is serious, or not good! One word said in a certain tone and volume speaks volumes. If that makes any sense. around women and children, never! Greeting a stranger, bad idea, and very disrespectful.

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It is unfortunate that, in the culture we live in today, the sprawling vocabulary of yesteryear has been condensed into an expletive driven society.

People are angry and hateful and it personifies through the lack of vocabulary, in my humble opinion.

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I think you are right Donna. More evidence of the lack of respect we display to others. But I want to believe the majority of people are still civil and respectful towards others. Especially around our women, and the young and old folks. There are still a majority of real men and women that will not tolerate it. Thank God.

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This subject made me remember a guy who I worked with many years ago building a lake house near Tulsa. The other guys told me that he was a minister and he didn’t like any cursing in his presence. I acknowledged and told them that out of respect I would make the effort to bide my tongue. Another incentive was that the older man was 6’4" any very obviously physically able to dispense discipline if the need arose. He had big bushy eyebrows and had a seemingly permanent scowl on his face. He and I were on the last phase of finishing the roof installing shingles when he paused and grabbed his right hand with his left and started singing ‘ringing in the sheaves’ at the top of his lungs. I heard several guys chuckle then burst into laughter.
The older man had smacked his thumb with a roofing hatchet. Of course they were on the ground out of his reach, but I was in strike range, so I managed not to laugh for fear of being knocked off of the roof. After singing two verses he went back to nailing. That was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.