Iran seizes oil tanker, or did they?

Iran seized the ship, but why, because they’re bullies?..

From what I gather, recently, the ship carried Iranian oil which was brought to Texas. The U.S. took the oil without payment, as it was “sanctioned” Iranian oil. We like to call that stealing where I come from.

So Iran is getting some retribution.

Western and Iranian media are linked for your reading pleasure…

But it gets better…

So the U.S. will steal “sanction” Iranian oil, but we’ll buy “sanction” Russian oil, while fighting against the Russians. While stealing Russian assets.

You know, Iran calls America the big Satan and Israel the little Satan…


That’s because we are. Someday, when the nations are judged, we will be among the worst offenders while claiming to be so high and mighty.

2 Timothy 3:1-4

They don’t even have the form of Godliness anymore.

All wisdom comes from the Lord. That is why we see so many idiots walking around.

Yep…the WASP keeps the figs going