In America, Segregation Is Happening, But Not How You May Think

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Americans are more divided today, than at any other point in modern history. It’s a sad thing to witness. The left hates the right, and the right hates the left. It’s no secret that this crack became a rift during the pandemic. Now, the two sides have quite literally broken in half. Segregation is now…

Today, people want to vent, and not be challenged so they don’t show their ignorance. Most don’t like question askers. It is easier to be one of the same crowd than stand for what is right and just. Most will say things on social media that they wouldn’t say in person.

The division gets bigger because it is nearly impossible to have a conversation to learn both sides, especially with the libs. So they move and proudly wear their abortion tee shirt.

It is futile to resist the Borg.

Next time someone spouts percentage to solidify their position, ask them percentage of what and how is it derived?

“personal beliefs”…yes, it is religion (belief/philosophy/ideology) horn, not governing horn that is divided. politics is the theater, or M.O., just like there is office politics verses office policy. and the donators…well, they do hedge their bets, buying for self gain regardless of belief. fortunately, some of us agree with Father…nothing hidden—and for the most part, we know a lie when we hear it…

I saw this today…how true it is!

Mathew 12:25 Jesus said, “every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”. This is whats happening, brought about by those wish to gain from our demise

It is amazing what happens when you get back to looking at people as people and not their political views. I have been trying hard to do this the last few months. Sometimes it is very difficult to do, especially when someone introduces themself and states their sexual preference…(yes, that happened to me :unamused:). But when you are able to do it is quite refreshing.

I’m guilty of spilling my political beliefs on social media. I stopped when I realized that the ‘higher ups’ are all on the same team. Yes I know, some don’t believe that, but I am more than convinced than ever that it’s true. Heck, I’m sure some of the leaders we have today don’t even realize that they are on the same team!

I always go back to using discernment and keeping in mind that only God knows the hearts of His children. So many out there totally misled and not ever having a chance at the truth.


Is a person’s political belief really the obstacle that hinders a good conversation or are they using it as a shield to protect themselves from true examination of their heart?

Back in the day, most people could sit down and have a debate and generally they were not that far off from each other. It was a matter of what plan would work the best, but they generally wanted the same outcome. Most seemed to have a concern for their fellow man.

Today it is all about themselves and what works the best for them, not their neighbor. Hence the gathering of the same minds. People don’t like peace anymore; they want turmoil and the crowd that comes with it.

Both political parties have become self-serving and don’t even stand for what they were founded on, the same with our country. They supply the fodder for the majority that want the fight and the masses are too self-involved to see the trap they are in but have no excuse.

In talking to people and bringing up the Lord, they shy away, why? Guilt from the Spirit that they don’t want to face. They call it religion, but it isn’t. It is a reality. Golf can be a religion, fishing, social media etc.

I once said to someone, if you took Christ out of the equation, He was never here or existed, even the Father, pick which of the 10 commandments are a bad thing and cause heart ache. Start with number 6.

On a personal level, do you want your things stolen, your wife cheating on you, your family or friends killed, do you want to dishonor your parents, have someone lie about you in court, have a neighbor long for your stuff and show hatred toward you because you worked harder and acquired more things? The answer is usually no, BUT.

They just can’t get past the fodder because they don’t want to. We all have things to answer for and that party or group that approves of your behavior isn’t going to be there to defend your position, you will be standing alone. Scripture is a part of social media.