Immigration crack down and bombing Mexico

With the elections being to stir in peoples minds, the players are beginning to make their moves. Here’s what Florida’s DeSantis is doing, an immigration bill for his state.


The bills would expose people to felony charges for sheltering, hiring and transporting undocumented immigrants; require hospitals to ask patients their immigration status and report to the state; invalidate out-of-state driver’s licenses issued to undocumented immigrants; and direct the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to provide assistance to federal authorities in enforcing the nation’s immigration laws. - DeSantis Pushes Toughest Immigration Crackdown in the Nation – DNyuz :+1:t3:

The bills go short of “eliminating in-state college tuition for undocumented students and beneficiaries.” :-1:t3:

Bomb Mexico

Then, some also have ideas to… Bomb Mexico.


To stop the drugs maaannn, all without Mexico’s green light. Can you imagine a mission where the US sends the military to bomb targets inside Mexico without their authorization? Ahh, it’s not like we haven’t been doing it to the Middle East for 20+ years.

Whoever is the architect behind this one is a lame brain. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Of course, the Mexican President wasn’t high (oh yes I did) on the idea. He reportedly said, “you’re not messing up my gravy train!”

In all seriousness, how about we close the border and work with Mexico to stop the cartels? Seems like common sense, but now it’ll be a politically dividing issue.

I imagine, that’s why we keep hearing about Americans getting whacked in Mexico. To add support for the idea.

On the flip side, bad things happen all the time folks. It seems every answer to our nations problems are to inflict harm on someone else instead of enforcing the law of the land. Hey, think about all the money the 1% can make by building more bombs and the new business deals that’ll come out in the wash.

Hi, been long time reader, thanks for being drama free and truthful!

After 65 yrs in Colorado I’ve found myself living a block from border in Elpaso TX. None of my neighbors speak English and I never learned Spanish and somehow we all do o.k. i volunteered with homeless for 10 yrs in Denver doing outreach and overnights in shelters, but this border situation is unlike anything I’ve encountered. Until you live here you won’t understand how serious the situation is. It’s NOT children or women/families coming in since Dec. 2022 like the media states. There are young, healthy men (from Venezuela and China) pouring into our country like water. These men are full of rage and scared me looking in their eyes. I’ve watched cars parking on my block, then picking up a bunch of men - and more cars park, wait and then see several men load up and off they go. This goes on for several days every week until late February.

It is way too late for any Politician to fix. America has been infiltrated, our treasonous government has done it’s job and God’s Judgement on us is coming faster than we know.

Even so come Lord Jesus.
Casey Connolly

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Thanks for chiming in Casey and thanks for your long time readership. I agree with you 100%, we cannot understand unless we walk in your boots.

I recall sharing with our readers a couple experiences when we were in the south. My Pop was there for one of them. Illegals by the bus load transported to the local Walmart and coin laundry to do their daily deal. The local red and blue governments know about it if me a traveler knows about it and no one does a darn thing. It’s pretty sad to watch.