If people have to know all of that to be saved, well, you are gonna be lonely in heaven

If people have to know all of that to be saved, well, ’ you are gonna be lonely in heaven.
John 3;16 keeps ringing in my ears. By the way , 'and again no disrespect, But i am not a scholar, I am a hard core common sense man. I don’t deal in theory or presumptions. the knowledge you presented is not in fact , 'fact. you know it, and I know that. Reading revelation 22:18-19-20-21
is probably something men need to read often.

Hey Kevin, knowing all of that? Meaning about Noah’s flood? Knowing about things not commonly taught in church I don’t believe will make us lonely in heaven, as in not many being there I presume? John 3:16 is amazing and so glad it rings in yours and our ears. It is where most of us got started. Realizing God so loved us He gave us His only begotten. Once we are in the family by His grace, then we should be wanting and desiring to know more about Him. About the law and the prophets. Wanting to study to show ourselves approved as Paul tells us in Timothy. We don’t need to be scholars necessarily or has He ever asked us to be outside of studying to show ourselves approved. But I believe we should be as the Bereans, daily searching the scriptures to see if what we see and hear is of God and are so. The common sense man is the best approach without a doubt coupling that with scripture. You say what @brandon has presented is not fact as in you know then what fact is. I know you admitted you are not a scholar howerver Brandon presented scripture after scripture for us to go and see for ourselves as the Bereans did. How did you come to the “fact” as you have stated you know please? I know myself and I think I speak for Brandon on this from reading many many of his studies, he and the rest of the readers are open to others showing anything from scripture that would shed more light or would show something being taught or shared incorrectly. I’ve done it in the past, shared or spoke about something that wasn’t correct, it’s been brought to my attention. I just checked it out for myself, compared what I said with what scripture said, once I saw what I shared was wrong, I admitted and apologized for my oversight. The scripture you bring up in Revelation is a scripture a lot on this forum takes very very seriously and am sure is not only read but memorized. I know myself and others appreciate you being on the forum and would love interaction. We love even more when scripture is brought to the table to support or to show something not correct or in a different light for thought and even more discussion. I feel like just because something has been church tradition for years if not hundreds of years and something is presented different than that, isn’t enough to say someone is added or taking away from scripture, or what they bring to the table isn’t fact. Some things would be hard to find facts on. Some things scripture doesn’t go into a lot of detail on. I know Brandon will look for multiple witnesses or other verses to back up a verse or topic he is sharing. Again, thank you for coming on board and sharing with the rest of us.

I’m glad you and Brandon are such good friends and that you admire him that much, I’m sure he will be surprised, 'if not a little awkward. I think if you go back and look I was not responding to statements by Brandon T Ward. Neither here nor there. My opinions are mine, I never suggested that I was somehow more elevated than anyone in the way that you seem to. Everyday of life is a learning experience. If someone ‘asks’ me about Jesus, I simply ask them to read the gospel.
My dear apologies for appearing to come on like I was trying to join your ‘click’ you may actually have all knowledge and all answers way to high up for a knot head like me to understand. I just don’t feel that. Even though I have only an 8th grade education, You might be surprised at the depth of my perceptions. At the end of the day I know that my relationship with God is mine and its private, what the holy spirit speaks to my heart and reveals to me is all I need. Remember sir, when you stand before God at judgement. Branon T. Ward will not be beside you, nor anyone else.
The fact that you can explain why Noah liked blue sneakers May impress him.

Just two more cents worth. Then I’m out of here. When a person is desperately seeking Christ.
because time may be critical, start at the book of Mathew first as to secure them as soon as possible.
Stop the bleeding if you will. They can read all of the old testament later if they have enough time left. If my car has a blowout, My priority is to get a new one, and get back on the road, I wont be concerned about how tires are made or how to better care for my tires in that moment. yeah, yeah, ok. Just get me back on the road Mack. I’m in a bind here.

Good mornin Kevin, Brandon and I know each other from this forum, I do admire the work and time he has put in to this and all his studies. Not sure if he’d be surprised or not, not sure the difference that makes. Yes, your opinions are yours as everyone else’s. I missed the elevation part? Is it my statement about your comment on us being lonely in heaven? Forgive me if I came off sounding elevated, was anything but my intention. I agree everyday is a learning experience, I too try and get them into a Gospel. No apology needed for appearing to come on like you were trying to join our “click”. I never noticed anything like that or realized there was a click other than a forum we could all discuss these subjects. No one here claimed to have all the knowledge, there are thousands of denominations and interpretations of the Bible, so who has the whole truth? I don’t think anyone has the whole truth, we are all just learning and studying more. I would not be surprised at the depth of your perceptions. I don’t feel education of a certain grade or degree has to have anything to do with perception necessarily. Yes, we will all stand in that place of judgement and am well aware Brandon nor anyone else will be standing with me. I am assuming blue sneakers meaning discussion on regional flood? I agree with your two cents more, as far as time being critical, understanding where it all started and where we came from fills in all the blanks. Understanding why Noah’s flood happened and what the enemy was attempting to do is very important to understand. I appreciate good dialogue to help us all.


Digging deeper into scripture isn’t to impress anyone. It is what we are commanded to do, study. It should also be a joy.
We are also told not to keep the knowledge to ourselves, or our faucet will be shut off. (Mark 4:24) What is the point of having a gift and not using it for others? It will be taken away, your talent. (Matthew 25:28-29)

Many people, especially creationists and the scientists, denounce the whole bible as fictional stories using the flood as a main point. The view is that it would be impossible to house all the animals, care for them with 8 people, food, ark physical size, etc., for such an event.

Knowing the logical facts, data etc., that it wasn’t global is a great starter to witness to such that were given the same old same old traditional sermons their whole lives.


Todd, I need to get this off of my heart. you did me no wrong and I am very sorry for the words I replied with. That was not really me. I’ve carried a chip on my shoulder for many years concerning biblical matters. please accept my apologies . that is not the man I want to be. My sincere apologies brother.


Kevin, I appreciate the apology and definitely accept. Thank you for displaying love and peace among other fruit.

I’m thankful to God for what He’s doing in your life and the example you’ve set.