I Will Show You Great And Mighty Things

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God will show us great and mighty things, but there’s no freebies in life. We have to do our part by serving God and reaching out to Him.


" which thou knowest not" That part is very encouaging also, when you thnk about it.


Amen. God has always spoken to me, and answered my prayers. Not always right away, but some have taken years. I’m not a perfect Christian. Never was, but my heart is connected to Him. When He does reveal certain things I’ve asked Him, I’m always left mind blown.


Oh how I love this post! Warms the heart through and through!!

There are times when I’m asking, seeking, and knocking about something. It appears to be revealed to me but then earthly things can sometimes get me second guessing. All I can do then is knock again, keeping all earthly thoughts out of my head. That is when I realize that not everyone wiĺl see or feel the same as I…and that also has a purpose. I hope that made sense.

God bless everyone! Keep asking, seeking and knocking!