I Was Called Out By A Reader

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Yep, I’m in the dog house with one of my readers. Hey, there could be more, I really don’t know. Now before I spill the beans, I just want to say, I really value your opinion — take the survey — I really do. Your feedback helps me improve, it helps me see things from…


I think you were just stating the obvious. I have noticed that some people have no sense of humor when it comes to politics or religion. :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think too often a mold is mentally made of how we should act all the time. As it was stated, nonbelievers see right through this charade. Hence the term hypocrisy being used for believers.

Do we really believe the golden 12 or Moses didn’t have some rough adjectives in their arsenal during all the crap that they put up with?

In all fairness, corpse might have been a little strong, I would have used carcass.

That “carcass” is so morally and spiritually dead I don’t even think Ezekiel could prophesy enough to raise it from the dead.

Eze 37:3

Eze 37:4

Eze 37:5

Very well stated. And I believe you NEED to show your personality or like you said…you seem like a fake. BUT…one thing I need to know. What is the deadline for the survey?? I don’t want to miss it like I did last year!! (I would like to think about it a bit and I’ll be chasing trains tomorrow and then probably shoveling snow tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

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i call a particular corpse—a physiologically handicapped person. lots to type. But, I also call some “walking dead”. same as deadman walking.

Brother Brandon,

We are living in turbulent times; everything feels strange and people seem to be on edge. There’s so much anger, anxiety, sadness, and spiritual hopelessness that I find myself in prayer with Father asking for His strength and praying for endurance and perseverance. I can’t remember anytime in my life that it’s been this way.

You love the Lord. You created this website to help others learn more about Father’s love and faithfulness. You are not perfect. Heck, I know I am not. Please continue to walk with Him, abide in Him, cling to Him, and grow in Him. When you fall, get up and brush your shoulders off and keep going. Brothers and sisters should lift you, edify you, and love you unconditionally. I know I do. You’ve got this!

XO Faith


I took the corpse comment as a kind and Christian way of saying it. Godless, wretched pieces of &@#% is how I would describe it.
I guess the politically correct Christians will cancel me. Oh no!!


Yea. The whole world is circling the bowl, including most churches. Our job is to plant seeds, rebuke, when necessary, all the while, told not to offend anyone. Good luck.

Just studied Hosea 9, if that isn’t a mirror image of our nation, I don’t know what is. I can see why the church doesn’t teach from the Old Testament; it doesn’t say “Jesus loves me”, enough.


Brandon, your fine. Look at all the political insults! people say to each other during the debates for election. I wish corpse was the only thing I ever heard. In other words, none of us can throw stones.


Wow, so let’s see, my comment to you about your choice of the word corpse makes me a stuffed shirt, someone trying to be fake, someone who may be on the edge, I can’t remember what other comments were made but I definitely read enough. If this is your and your readers idea of a Christian forum then I’m out. I supported you financially in the past because I believed you were sincerely trying to spread understanding of God’s word. Not a nice way to treat a sister in Christ.

Hey Veronica, I don’t think you’re any of those things — you’ve been around for years — and I never called you any of those things either. I appreciate your readership, I do, and you presented a fantastic moment for us to Scripturally reflect.

I was speaking very broadly to make a point, but this is what happens, emotions kick in. People take things too personally, become offended, and well, here we are.

The point of my article was to counter your comment, where you said,

My point was, God Himself used very descriptive language to label spiritually dead people. Examples from this article:

  • Harlots
  • Whorish woman
  • Blind
  • Ignorant
  • Dumb
  • Dogs
  • Greedy

So then, my point is for Christians not to take things so seriously, that we talk our way out of what our faith is about, or set unreasonable expectations around it. If I cannot call a politician a “corpse,” then what are we to say about God’s own language?

I think it is time for the church to start calling out organizations and people for their actions, beliefs. If the church would make a stand as Christ told the apostles and us to do, our world could be a better place.

The whole world is diluting and dumbing down the truth even in the speech we are to use. Why? It might offend.
If someone wakes up every day, doesn’t produce anything useful, lives a life full of lies and deceit, only does things for their own gain, they are a waste of flesh. There is no salt in them.

If it quacks like a duck, it is a duck. If it offends to be called a duck and you’re not, annunciate like a normal person.

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Yea we gotta call out Lil nas x. He’s a gay demon. Maybe he’s an evil angel in the flesh :man_shrugging: but he’s def out of line extreme. Look at what he’s been doing. Can’t be soft on that trash.