‘I’m 28. And I’m Scheduled to Die in May.’

This is wild…

Where is our world headed?

I’m praying for her.

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That’s about all you can do. I’m waiting patiently for Jesus to return!

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She recalled her psychiatrist telling her that they had tried everything, that “there’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better.”

THIS is the real problem! It’s disgusting that anyone would ever say that.

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I can’t handle watching the video. Didn’t even try to watch.
But these are the type of things that boil my blood and have a hard time not sounding like an old truck driver if were in a conversation, cause how these things all intertwine throughout all aspect of life. So if someone thought it was no big deal for this type of personality above in the video to go ahead and be terrified of death date and or to set a death date etc… I would wanna go into the details of the super big picture of the spiritual battle etc.

You know what I mean?
Like when you use what the person your talking to knows/passionate about to help them see the propaganda of it and the physical of it and then spiritual. Then show how it’s the same/similar to the other subject/topic, in this case my example is the above video that i am too wimpy right now to watch lol

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Me to Kay. This world is so sick. I live in a very small rural town in Pa. many families have always lived here and we still have some beautiful farms. Not much crime and good country people. I just found out yesterday that children in my local high school are allowed to “identify” as animials and are using litter boxes in the bathrooms. Disgusting. Our children and young people are lost.

Perhaps she has an evil spirit in her?!? I had a friend who committed suicide by firearm which she hated being around guns, but she got really depressed before she took her own life and had no-polar disorder. She started doing and saying things that was not like her. She also didn’t believe in God and she had a lot of childhood trauma/baggage she held on to. All we can do is pray for her soul, she may not even understand what she’s doing is wrong. I thank God for the millennium because some people are blind in ignorance.

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Which small town? I am originally from PA.

Hi :slight_smile:

The town I live in is Julian. Its 20 miles from State College and a two hour drive to Harrisburg.

You probably heard of Lititz and Rothsville, those were my old stomping grounds. Did some hunting north of Lock Haven so I drove through that area.

I sure do! Small world :slight_smile: