I Just Tested AI, This Is What It Can Do

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By now, most of us have heard what artificial intelligence (AI) can do. However, few of us have actually tested it out. I did, and I’m going to share my story with you. Just days ago, I updated some of the software that runs my website. When the update was complete, I got one of…


I kid you not…

Right after publishing this article, I go to login to my email server to send out the daily newsletter, only to be greeted with this.

This stuff is taking off in a big way.

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You didn’t have to convince me! I know there are AI bots on FB - heck you don’t even know if you are talking to a real person any longer. I won’t be making any new friends on that platform. It’s a scary world out there for people that have no concerns about AI or don’t understand it.

It’s interesting to me how I will see a comment in a FB group show up on my newsfeed…and that comment will have the same likes and dislike as me. And even in the groups that I barely have contact with any longer. Pretty freaky to say the least!
Needless to say, I’m only on FB for a few reasons…and it certainly isn’t for making new friends!

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I saw another example done by a PhD scienctist in regards to her migraine cure protocols. Since there is much biochemistry info available, the discussion (she used that chapchat) thingy. When she countered with specifics, the AI got in loops at time and did not answer. Most people will not be equipped to think on this level, and just believe whatever is presented. Dumb-downing will reach a whole new level.

Disinformation Highway to Hell.

One thing to note on this whole subject. Every single word we type online is feeding this machine. All of the marketing data that the marketing field produces is feeding this machine. (I’ve been saying that marketing is the downfall of America for years…) All of the people wearing fitbits and all that jazz…you got it, is feeding this machine. All your medical records…oh yes, they are feeding the machine. All in the name of 'PROGRESS"! Third world countries are smarter than we are!

It’s all been happening for decades. All “landlines” are now digital. All TV’s are digital. It’s everywhere.

But the best part about this “doom and gloom”…God wins! Keep the faith, rest in Him and don’t fret. Keeps spreading His word, walk that narrow path, live life and do God’s work just as Christ instructed us to do.

(And yes…I’m from the Pink Floyd era and now I have the Welcome to the Machine stuck in my head!)


I remember saying that of search giant Google and social media years ago. Then information came out about “fusion centers,” then we had “Prism” and so on.

I recall saying, these people had God-like power. Knowing what people are thinking, feeling, what’s trending, etc. You cannot help but become rich and powerful at that point. The best part is, we helped it along. :smile:

What a world we live in now.

I’m beginning to understand why God has shortened the time! (Mark 13:20) (Matt. 24:22)


So here is another example. I play a stupid match game from time to time - Monster Busters. To get extra points, you can watch an ad where they are trying to have you download another game app. So within the last few days, a new ad has come up. You can download this app and play a variety of games and you earn gift cards. I guess they are called “Rewarded games”.

So how and why do they do that? They are selling the data. Is the person left or right brained? Which colors are they more attracted to? Are they getting smarter or dumber? I don’t think it’s necessarily about individuals. It’s about the data points they they need to measure where the people are mentally.

I could go as far as to say that they use this data to know where to push certain medications - either geographically or even targeted ads. Or where they are more likely to sway people to transgenderism, political views, etc. - who can be manipulated easier. I actually think that was the point of COVID and the 2020 election. How many people were wise enough to see through it? Once there are enough people that are gullible, they can push the next evil thing. Like I said before - it’s been going on for decades.

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How do we know there aren’t demons behind “AI?” I don’t want anything to do with this supposed new technology…

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If you ask me, evil is behind just about everything. :smile:

I don’t think AI is inherently evil, its a creation of man, which means it can be used for evil. All of the tech we have has been. Look at all the Covid censorships, look at the algorithms that promote trash and block the good stuff.

Our world is filled with evil and it will only continue to get worse.

I just received an email from the owner of some software I use. The gentlemen was promoting a new product of his. The email went on to explain how well all of his AI created articles were performing. There must have been a hundred articles, all whipped up by AI in a the blink of an eye. That’s one guy, one site.

Now think about all the generated content that’s already starting out there. If you thought there was too much information out there today, we ain’t seen nothing yet. We can bet, tons will be create to continue to manipulate the masses in the direction of our overlords.


I sure hope people realize that there are plenty of AI facebook accounts as well! They have been using this technology for a very long time.

Man may have created AI but they got the abilities from where? I wish I had more time to research things but I just don’t. People thought that radio, television and wifi were okay too. They can also be used for good and evil… This reminds me of Ephesians 2:2 - the prince of the power of the air is working in the sons of disobedience… Brandon, I’m happy that you have the time and abilities to bring these things to our attention and consideration. Blessings…

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