I am having issues with a neighbor.

I am in a difficult situation with a neighbor and I really don’t know what to do.

For several years I have had a really good relationship with this individual, whereas we talked cordially and were friendly.

Several months ago I was talking to him about a truck he was selling and we were having a good conversation. Then suddenly he changed the subject to something else and became highly agitated. To say the least I was taken back and tried to get back to what we were talking about. I told him that I didn’t desire to discuss what he had changed the subject to.

He became more and more agitated and I finally excused myself. After prayer I approached him later and he was very distant.

Since then he has been very cold and distant and won’t even respond to a hello when I am walking.

I have been praying for him and his wife, and have placed the matter into God’s hands.

I have simply been giving him his space and have not tried to push anything since.

I am really perplexed in this matter because I didn’t say one thing to provoke this. How do you handle “toxic” people like this? I would appreciate any thoughts on this! Thanks!

Sounds like he needed you to get sucked into a whirlwind of something. Today people are side builders where both sides never win. You didn’t play, now he has an axe to grind. Seems like he likes to drink the poison, but not alone and you weren’t thirsty.


Interesting thoughts and perspective…Thanks!

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Very insightful response!!

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I agree with Snowflakes response 100%! I believe the best way to cope with it is you just need to continue being you. You handled the whole thing the right way!