How will satan and the fallen angels arrive on earth?

Hi, I think they will not get out of a hole in the ground. It could be everything but I think they could get here just like how Our Lord Jesus Christ departed. By air, through the sky. I mean, when satan will be cast out of Heaven by the archangel Michael.
What do you think?

That is a tough question. I ponder that too. Sometimes I wonder if all the UFO talk in the news, which seems to grow every day, isn’t a prerequisite for the big show.

Then in Daniel it says he has to obtain the kingdom with flatteries. You would think, if a squadron of vehicles landed having the technology they would need to get here, the people would hand over the kingdom right away solving our problems. We have given the White House to people who can’t spell UFO.

Hey Snowy, always that smart.
The arrival I feel it must be by air. I can’t fathom it, but they are in heaven, and heaven always have been above. Ok, sometimes in spiritual sense. But they have to get here. Satan and two hundred million fallen angels. What a big show.
Another thought: if we are not fallen angels, maybe we made a stand for God in that first earth age. Which is encouraging. We didn’t abandoned our first state. And didn’t left or own habitation. Because we aren’t bound with everlasting chains in the darkness. Thanks God always.

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That is a subject that I touched on a while back. the possibility of UFO’s being Devine craft.
I like to think that I am a critical thinker. When you read the book of Enoch, and Chariots of the Gods it is compelling. At any rate both are a good read if taken with a grain of salt. I watched a podcast recently where a retired FBI person whose career was centered on UFO and supernatural phenomena investigations. He stated basically that the difference between UFO’s and UAP’s is that UFO’s are extra terrestrial and that UAP’s are Terrestrial ‘man made’ and predicted that they will be used to reek havoc on people, first act being a civilian air liner shot down for the purpose of establishing in peoples minds that alien craft are evil and our enemy and only a united world government can protect us and the world from them. He predicted that the shooting down of a fully loaded airliner will happen in the coming months and that there will be vivid video of the incident taken from a military intercepting fighter jet. is he a wacko? or does he know things that we don’t? Now I can and do believe that if real UFO’s are in fact Devine, that the world would want to deceive as many people as possible that they are bad, evil, the enemy. Satan has been doing that since the beginning of mankind. Be vigilant, be sober. at the very least I find it interesting. Of course all of this stuff seems trivial compared to the dangers of using gas stoves and climate change.


That’s really cool i enjoy to study that stuff like just how current and future things will go down with how the Bible says. We can see how they will shut you down if you don’t have the mark with the CBDC. That stuff is very interesting how over the last few years stuff seems to be speeding up.