How to grow celery from the stalk

Just cut off the bottom part of the celery stalk and put it in some water in a light area. In a couple days a whole new celery stalk begins to grow. Put in some soil after it’s about 3 inches and water every few days. Amazing how the Lord designed so many foods this way. Next time you eat a carot, after you cut off the top, put it in the soil and in a couple days a new carot will begin to grow.


I do that with green onions…just used some tonight! I place the green onions in a dish with clay pebbles and water. Just cut off what I need when I need it!

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Yes Karen, I do the onions too and they taste amazing, like onions should taste, like they tasted when I was a kid. Also use the tops for chives and freeze them for later use and they still taste great. I learned that if you hang the onion in a netted bag, they last much longer.