How’s Your Personal Economy Doing?

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Inflation… It’s been a tough egg to crack, hasn’t it? I recall going months without buying eggs. Hey, I’m not going to buy certain items when they’re inflated to the moon. The same went for ground beef, unless you get it at those big club stores! Thankfully, some of those prices have come down. At…


Hey Brandon, great to hear you’re gonna put down roots. I know you have done the pro and cons of the two places you have narrowed it down to. I think it would be fun to ask your readers for their choice or pros and cons that they know of. Maybe something you missed. Might help your decisions unless they’re already made. Both are beautiful places Montana is going to become too cold lol my opinion have a great day.


My state, [Okla] Is traditionally the last to feel the crunch of financial woes.
Thanks to our oil and gas based economy.
Then, along came the green people whose #1 enemy is fossil fuels. Unfortunately they are currently in charge. Thankfully I saw it coming and could feel it in my gut. Last year We needed to replace our aging work trucks, so I looked around and realized they would cost us 70k each. our existing trucks have been paid for 3 yrs now. Paid 46k for those just 5 yrs. ago
Not a difficult decision to milk another 100.000 mi out of the trucks we own.
We sold our large house 12 years ago and built a large insulated metal building with a built in house on one end and a shop and game game room on the other. [Cheap] no maintenance.
I didn’t realize what a blessing it was at the time. We were married super young with all of the odds against us. But God has always had his hand on our shoulder all the way. I dont know why, I sure don’t feel deserving. Business has slowed and we are getting older now, so yeah I worry about the future some. I’m not super man anymore, I had to have my son come over and fix a leaking trap under the sink. I was unable to get on my knees to do it.
but the good side of that is, that we no longer want much, have no desire to go anywhere, we don’t need anything.
Happier and more content than any other time in our lives. If we believe in Christs promise
death is not something to be feared. I think Snowflake made the comment, 'I’m not afraid of death, ‘it’s the dying part I dread’ I feel the same way, I’m sure that wont be enjoyable. But the promise awaiting on the other side will get us through it. Amen!


Tennessee is definitely more economic. We looked there too. We settled in NC. Same type of surroundings and closer to family. Plus, less snow shovels.

Our economy is doing better since we fired our contractor, and I am finishing the home myself along with some other above-board subs that I have located. Can you spell fraud? This is what I tried to look like, :smiley:, this is what I probably looked like. :rage:

We learned years ago that the key to financial freedom and peace of mind is, do without, don’t by on credit and needs and wants are not the same. In doing this for many years, at retirement age, it takes the stress off daily expenditures, and you can splurge a little.


I count every penny now… even spreadsheeted a personal budget out. So, I’m in recession, eat less and waste is always on my mind. Gift giving is basically gone. The basics have risen and stayed at a high, but today they aren’t continuing to rise (I think that part is over, but I see no reduction to what was about 3 yrs ago.


Tennessee is gorgeous when you get off of the beaten path and some of the small towns seem as though you have gone back in time. Very much like N.C Lot of history, good people.


Our personal economy is doing well and we thank God for the blessings. We live well below our means and no debt, so when fixed costs increase we are able to absorb it with a little budgeting. We focus on controlling the controllables and not worry too much over what we cannot control.
For the Ward family, my vote is TN :wink:
Still would love to grab a cup of coffee together one day. :call_me_hand:

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Okay…I am really fixated on your comment about your living quarters. I even read it to my husband. I really want to see a pic of your home! If you don’t want to do it publicly, you could send me a pic in a private message. When my son and I are driving around chasing trains, I’m always admiring all these outbuildings that people have. Nothing better than to have an “all in one” utilitarian living space!

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I just realized I never replied to the article!

Inflation really hasn’t been affecting us except for delaying the re-doing of the decks. We put it off for so long and then the big C happened. I actually put a piece of plywood down so we wouldnt fall through. :roll_eyes: Happy to say we don’t do many gatherings so it would be us that would fall through! This year we are just gonna do it regardless of the price of wood.

Other than that, we dont spend much on non-essentials so we don’t have problems when the prices get jacked up. We don’t go out hardly at all and we certainly don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s. Haha! So not much has changed by us.

Kind of stinks about the timing for you and your family to settle down somewhere with the housing market so crazy. But I am also a believer in thinking that was meant to happen that way for a reason. As for Montana or Tennessee…that would really be hard decision for me! Huge benefits in both places. I’ll be praying for God’s guidance in deciding which place is best for you and yours!


Hi Kay, we are having a deck built after 20 years in the home. It wasn’t a priority the first 10 years, but the last 10 we really wanted it which also gave us plenty of time to save. I hired a young husband & wife contractor from our church. His quote came in about half of what I was expecting and saved for, and their craftsmanship is second to none. Just another Blessing. Their business is named Redeemed & Restored


What a great business name! And what a blessing that you found them. We will be tackling this on our own. I’m thankful that Pat (hubby) knows carpentry and then we will have my homeschooled son help as well. Lots of learning for him! Of course, I want to change one of the decks layout…we’ll see if that happens. :wink: No biggy if it doesn’t.

We bought this house in 98 and we probably should have replaced them over 20 yrs ago now that I think about it.

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It’s great you have Pat with those carpentry skills. I know my limits and wouldn’t even try. When it comes to constructing, I stand by my work just not under it :laughing:.