How Many Trumpets Have Sounded?

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We discuss the Seven Trumpets of Revelation, and identify if any of them have sounded. The actions of the Trumpets unleash a spiritual storm on the world.


Great read brandon. Enjoy the end times stuff.

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I asked a guy who had recently had a heart attack, What did it feel like? tell me the signs just before it hit you. I wanna know if I’m having a heart attack He said, it comes on you quickly, it is overwhelming. And he said, If you have a heart attack, trust me you will know, there wont be a doubt in your mind. It’s unlike anything you could imagine.
That is what I imagine it will be like when even the first trumpet sounds. Every living soul on earth including the the most powerful will know. Oh S…t !

Thank you for posting this. I had not read it earlier when you originally answered the question. Much of Revelation had been confusing to me until I just went ahead and read it without any flesh influance of what i was taught. That is what I’m in the process of doing now…reading the entire bible with a clear head and asking God for guidance as I read. Never has so much been revealed to me since doing that exercise. :sparkling_heart: