How Long Is A Day With The Lord?

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Have you ever wondered how long one of God’s days are compared to our own? I’ll talk about it, and even go over some simple math to dial in the thought, which proves to be very humbling.

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“By the time God gets up in the morning, has a couple of cups of coffee, eats breakfast, and reads World Events and the Bible , you were born and you died.”

I spit my coffee out.
Thanks that made my day. :sunglasses:

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I often think about this topic. So, if we are in our spiritual bodies during the Lord’s Day it also would last a day…just something that spins around in my head from time to time. Not sure about it of course, but that’s what makes sense to me.

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Here is another way to think about this:

1000 earthly years equals one heavenly day, or 24 heavenly hours.

Therefore, 10% of 1000 = 100 earthly years, and 10% of 24 hours equals 2.4 hours.

This means if you died at 100 years of age, when you returned to heaven, John 3:13, you would have only been gone for two hours and 24 minutes. Just a good siesta.

I’m not sure about this Kay, but I think since we will still be in the earthly dimension, albeit in spiritual bodies, it will be 1000 actual years. Remember, the Father is still in the heavenly dimension so for Him it will be one day. When the Father joins us at the end of the millennium then, time will be no more. Maybe?

AH! I guess I really didn’t think about us still being in the earthly dimension. Makes sense - thank you for that!!

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Thanks Brandon for reminding me of what I pondered on years back. Years back I looked at Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8, Gen 2:17b, 5:5 and made some calculation of man’s life span on earth. I found that mankind die within the day he is born, the years we count are just seconds or minutes before our heavenly Father.

When reading prophecy, you sometimes think why it takes so long to come to pass. Looking through His time frame, the captivity was only a little over 1.5 hours. Our great grandparents are still getting off the spiritual bus.