How Did Judas Die?

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Did Judas hang himself or fall, and who purchased the potters field, Judas or the priests? Do these subjects contradict? Let’s open the Bible to clear it up.


You mean to say it wasn’t those nasty old Kenites. :wink: Good lesson: thanks for the picture it was very helpful.

yep, he got a lot of help…from the rocks that Father put in the path of his guts.

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Here is what happened. Judas hung himself and he was alone when he did it. He hung there for days or even weeks. When a dead body is left for a time, gases are released from decay process and he was BLOATED. Along comes someone who finally discovers the gruesome sight, takes a sword and cuts the rope. The body falls to the ground and BURSTS OPEN and THAT is how his guts gushed out.