How Corn Ethanol Fueled Climate Change

This was known way longer than 5 yrs ago!

I’ll give this a read, good find it looks like.

I always felt, using food for fuel was a horrible idea. This nation has more energy potential than any other if we just used it. Food for fuel, bad mojo.

Whenever the government gets involved…

@sNOwflakes And yet, people still hold up hope for the government. :roll_eyes:

It is hard to believe. They screw most things up. The older I get, the smarter my parents were, and the dumber people seem to be.

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Not only that, as a farm boy myself Ive witnessed farmers tilling every square foot of marginal land , seasonal wetlands, reminant prairie and other natural habitats in order to harvest every bushel of corn and or beans possible. All of it Roundup ready!

It’s so so sad. I know many farmers felt that they had to do it just to save their farms. They got stuck into that web. I pray that people will learn how to garden themselves or find local farms to buy from. AND for them to know how their food is grown and fed.