How can we be so blind?

Can we all appreciate that God is the ultimate mathematician? And that every other date in God’s timeline has always been correct, concerning the rise and fall of nations, specifically.

Christ dies on the cross fulfilling numerous prophesies. All of which can be found in Revelation…

We have been told very clearly in "God Time " how to calculate time when it’s referenced. How can we be deceived into believing there’s actually been a “loop in time”!!! Seriously?? Professing themselves wise, they have proven themselves fools. We’ve been warned this would be a spiritual war… a spiritual flood of lies. War is being waged against “the woman”… As God’s majestic being, the one blessed with the ability to give life; the world is trying to make us believe that there is no difference when clearly he made both in his image. Man given the gift of “seed” and woman the ability to “bear the fruit”.

The idol we are worshipping is THE BIBLE!!! Think about it…by merely switching the word “became” with “was” an entirely different view of scripture is given. The lines between what God said and what man said become a lot more distinct.

I have so much more to say, but most importantly, go back to Revelation and read it as it was intended…yes, there’s a little deciphering to do, but its all there, quite clearly. Please continue to run the race before us, but with a vigor you’ve never known…As the Euphrates dries up in front of our eyes, may we prepare ourselves. The Two Witnesses are coming.

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I will re-read Revelation this weekend. I am always trying to learn. Thank You for you post.


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Just a few points to ponder… We have watched our “elite” re-writing History (HIS- STORY) our entire lives…to the point that it is incontestable.

There is NO NEW THING under the sun…They are doing it now and they did it then.

After Christ died on the cross, tearing the curtain of the temple, we no longer needed ANYTHING to “mediate” for us… We were given a direct line to Christ. The Bible was constantly argued over… even in Jesus’ time!!! That’s why he said “I AM THE LIVING WORD” “I AM THE TRUTH”… It’s so simple… even juvenile… and Christ did that on purpose! ABC, 123, That easy… because of our ignorance, we still believe there has got to be so much more to it.

I still believe ONLY THE GOD BREATHED parts should be given any credence, but because of the depth of deceit…it’s difficult to know which is right and which is wrong?? Correct?? So instead, we don’t say anything because we don’t feel equipped. We’re inadequate…what if we say the wrong thing!!! “I AM THE LIVING WORD” Read it over and over until it clicks. Man has used our own love and desire to serve Christ against us. The cloven tongue was present on the day of Pentecost… each heard God’s message in their own language. Would the message have been two hours long or simple and sweet, so our minds could fully grasp it?

Just some things to think about.


a lot of times i go back to different post on this site and reread them. sometimes they just don’t make sense to me, but then reading them again at another time, makes so much more sense. i know this is late in answering, but it does make perfect sense to me now. its like reading revelation over and over again. thank you!

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Thanks for commenting on this - I never read it! And I totally get what @BlessedMum is saying here. I think it’s important to always keep an open mind.

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respectfully i disagree that it’s hard to know right from wrong.
we all know in our hearts what is right and what is wrong. which one we chose to embrace is our own choosing. Granted the people who choose to forsake what they know to be right and the truth will always use the defense of ignorance or convince themselves that it is right and double down on it. Even then, 'they know in their hearts that it was wrong. Men can deceive other men, but they can never deceive God and they know that also. but that’s something they can put off ‘so they think’

Jesus coming back for his church and us Gentiles :pray::crown: So correct, it’s all there! Until then, we run the race, have hope, spread the Gospel, and encourage one another :heart::latin_cross: