How can he call himself a pastor and serve the Democratic Party?

Name: Gail Z
Question: As you know a PASTOR was just voted in to The Senate in GA. How can he honestly call him self a pastor of the word and serve the Democratic Party?? When we all know what they believe :neutral_face:

Answer: Hey Gail, I am with you, it’s frustrating, right?

Then again, I have frustration with both political parties. One party is just not as bad as the other, but they’re still bad. Walker had a lot of baggage, I mean a lot.

Was he spiritually a better choice?

As Christians, I think one of our biggest problems is accountability.

What am I talking about?

A lot of things, but specifically, we just saw a bunch of Republicans support the Respect for Marriage Act. We also see them voting to send billions more to Ukraine to kill and mam. If we just call them RINOs, that excuses the decisions of our political party.

I mean, how righteous is the Republican party?

As Christians, we need to start calling up our reps, Republican and Democrat, and tell them to start being accountable. That means, we need to hold them accountable for their actions. Don’t look at them in the form of a political party, look at them as a man or woman making decisions. That’s what God will do.

Are their decisions Godly or not?

If we all started doing that, and holding our politicians and religious leaders accountable for their actions. Our nation would be a lot better off. Until we do that, we will continue to be divided among our political and religious affiliations and we’ll sink right along with them.


That is the same as when the leaders end their speech with “, and God bless America’”. All the while promoting all the things that are ungodly.

When your children act out, do you take them for ice cream or the rod?

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The world is evil, the gospel warns us many times to be aware and vigilant constantly. What ever happens will be by the power of God and exactly as it is written in Revelation. All we can do is know that to be true and watch for the signs and be ready. I sure don’t want to waste any of my precious time worrying about things I have no power over. anyone who feels that things are getting bad now. Better hold on! its gonna get a whole lot worse. Especially for those who can see. Worshipers of the world will be laughing it up to the end. I pray I’ll pass on before and not have to see it.

Agree, but I would love to be here at the time of the True Christ’s coming. Yes, it will be hard…very hard. But I want to help the people that I can during that time.

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I just have to chime in here. We are disgusted by this run off election. The “Reverend”, never gave up his day job. How many other Senators work another job? Warnock had millions of dollars brought in by the big Dem donors. He ran the most vile negative ads that you can’t imagine against poor ol’ Hershal, Trumps chosen one. Warnock is progressive left - hardly someone that anyone who reads the Bible would agree with. And hey, guess what. He’s in for the long haul. We can all thank Trump.

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It might be well to replay “The Jones Plantation” video.

A terrible reality.