📢 How About Some Bible Notes?

As I read through the Bible, I like to make notes when something peaks my interest. Sometimes I’ll make notes about the use of a word, a story, or how that story is linked throughout the Bible. Other times, it might be about something mentioned in Scripture, that history has recorded, which further validates the…


I love this idea! I’m still in the process of figuring out the bible notes feature on e-sword. Of course, I switch back and forth between the PC and the App version - so I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and connect the two yet.


I like that idea. Sometimes the recall just isn’t there. If I was on Jeopardy, I would be the guy with the deer in the head lights look, even if I knew the answer. While studying, you want to find a verse and you can’t remember where it is. You even have notes written in the column and still can’t find it.

What I did a while ago was start a subject list. Under each subject I list the verses that apply so later if someone needs info on a particular topic, I can go and retrieve it.

The bible notes tool would be an excellent thing to have access to.


Yes this is a great idea. I think this guy can share a years worth of bible notes lol! Brandon has 300 safari tabs open on his phone. (maybe more…) He likes to store his thoughts. It’s a great way to share =)


That’s funny. I have 2 web browsers open on my laptop at all times and both have numerous tabs open. I don’t think my phone could handle that much…I have a very cheap phone! And yes, I still have a landline and love it!

I’m very much looking forward to this. I’ve checked everyday to see if something is on there. This should be a great tool for all of us to use.