How About A Trump-Biden Rematch?

Well said!! Couldn’t agree more with you on this. :heart:

YES. our country suffered many setbacks during that 4 years of lies and hate.

Not sure we need to know that or care one way or the other
Snowman. It’ Gods will. Just hope for the best especially if we are never going to vote again. Same as if our houses catch fire, It’s Gods will, just go with it. Go fishing.

Get out and go fishing, its good fer ya!!

It was an absolutely beautiful day out there!

Thank you Father for giving me the health at my age to still get out and enjoy your creation.

Thank you for getting it through my thick head to not focus on political theatre and foolish arguments.

in Jesus name Amen!!

I go fishing every chance I get.
Its good for the spirit.

If your too busy to go fishing, well your just too busy.


Enjoy Brother. it will more than likely be banned before long by the liberal fish huggers soon, especially with no opposition. Good luck to ya.

Same to you and have a great day!!

I sure will , if I have a choice brother! thx.

How the better than the worse? Like a current commentary by Brandon, there are some good amongst the pharasees some bad. And even in that, no one’s perfect…I sure don’t vote for perfection as there is not one…but some are far worse.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone who voted wrote in Jesus on the ballot?
II Chronicles, 7-14
Put God in the Whitehouse


That’s what my husband said to do!