Home schooling trend accelerates, even after Covid

Great news! I hope it becomes the primary mode of education in America. Did you ever wonder how much public schools cost the tax payers.

Brick ad mortar schools. monthly utilities for HVAC , janitorial services, upkeep and repairs.
Grounds maintenance. Staff salaries. Executive level superintendents, regulators, policy makers, attorneys and a large handful of others. That’s before the doors open and the kids show up.

How many public school buses are there in America? They cost around 40.000 ea. Fuel, tires, maintenance, and the facility and administrative cost just to keep them rolling. and you have to have people to drive them.

I can’t imagine the bottom line annually, but have no doubt it is staggering.
How much of that money goes to individuals, firms and unions that are not related to providing educations to our kids ? What are we getting for it?

If a parent can afford the latest virtual video game box for their kids enjoyment they can dang sure afford a computer and the apps to educate their kids at home. If the apps were designed to make learning as much fun as the games, you will have a hard time getting them to put it down.

I feel virtual education is on the horizon if not closer. And I predict in a decade or less public schools will be a distant memory. I hope.

You missed one major cost up there…the cost of your child being introduced to all the worldly things that surround them as well as an education that is well…I’ll say it…half assed. I am to the point where it makes my heart hurt every time I see a school bus aka indoctrination bus.

Homeschooling was one of our best decisions we made! We had our son in a Catholic school up until 1st grade - then we pulled him. Common core was the turning point for our decision. And trust me, there is a lot more going on BEHIND the scenes with common core and education. But I won’t get into that here…I’ll just say that each child has a specific uniquifier that doesn’t just track test scores.

We thank God that we chose homeschooling and I just pray that more will make that decision. That time spent with your child and teaching him/her morals, respect and God’s Word is so much more important!

And really…if you think about it. They set families up to think they need to have dual income with both parents working. But even WAY BACK before that, they made it sound like only the “privileged” could to to school. I know many won’t agree with that but I’ve been pondering this for years now. Think of the way this world would be if kids weren’t sent off to school. Families would still know how to grow their own food and be self sufficient. Instead we have a world of people that are totally dependent on others…just the way satan wanted it to be. People chose convenience over doing the work themselves.

Okay…I’ll get off my soap box. :grin:

Bravo! Some of the greatest figures in American history and the world for that matter were self learned. They began on a solid foundation of family, love. truth, hard work, discipline respect for others, knowledge of right and wrong, good manners, and a strong dose of spiritual convictions. Reminds me of the quote Brandon shared with us ‘hard times make strong men’ what a profound quote. describes the beginning, midterm and current condition of America today. If the American story repeats itself, Very hard times lay just ahead. When I encounter a young person today that is well groomed, and greets me with a genuine smile as they look me in the eye and politely extend their hand to mine. I know they did not learn that in school. They learned that at home before they ever started school. No need to meet their parents, I already have. Such a good positive feeling.