Here’s The Results Of The 2024 Survey!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to complete the survey. It truly helps me understand what is working and what it not. It provides me with added insight and with your input, I make changes. So thank you for participating! With that, I’d like to share some of the actual reader survey responses with…

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Well, I missed it again this year! Totally forgot about the survey. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

One comment really really peaked my interest though…who is the former locomotive engineer??? :grin: :wink: I would love to chat sometime! I have a homeschooled son who is pretty serious about getting into the railroad industry. I’ve talked with a lot of engineers, but always looking for more!

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Ahh Kay, it’s all good, we know how you feel, you’re always here! :grin::+1:t3:

I’m kinda curious who the locomotive engineer is too… :thinking:

Will they reveal themselves…


Again, thank you for this site and all you do Brandon!

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Not sure what is meant by “politics” as a negative. I consider politics as governing horn (power) whereas most ppl seem to think conflicting beliefs (religion horn) when the word politics is used. There is gamesmanship and theatrics involved in office politics as well as other games, but that is not the same as office policy.


I agree. A true watchman needs to see the political side.

The government should be run through the true church using the Lord’s laws, standards, weights and measures as was taught to true Israel. Separation of church and state is another mis-used statement. The word is the law and should be governed according.

Satan does the same thing Christ is going to do with one exception. He heals the world government and obtains worship. (Church and State) Christ throws it out and is worthy of our worship. (King and Lord)

The fact that Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, plural, Judah and Levitical, tells us there is no separation. Christ has made us kings and priests and shall reign on earth; we reign with Him 1000 years. There should not be branches, He is the branch.


This is my safe place to get my Lord studies on and a honest take on politics. This is my safe place to be with my Christian Family. I dont care about missed spelled words and the other 4 dislike mentioned on survey are null n void to me as well. Either way this is a good place to come to for all kinds of studies or research etc.