Here it is, the new navigation menu!

We have a new navigation menu in town folks, it’s a part of a software upgrade coming up.

You can access it by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Here’s how it looks.

I added a new section called “World Events and the Bible” to this menu. The links you see directly under that will take you right to the main website. Make note of that, I’ll be removing the white “Blog” link at the top of the forum soon.

This new menu will scroll, and you can add your own custom and personal link sections to it, just click the + icon in the bottom right corner of this menu.

At the bottom of this menu, once you scroll to the bottom, you’ll also see a “Messages” section, if you click the + icon to the right of it, you can quickly type up a message and send it to someone else on the forum. Love it.

Personally, I like the new “My posts” link at the top right of this menu. It quickly takes you to all your posts and messages. You can also set your own preferred Categories and Tags to watch.

So tinker around with it, make some customizations, and ask any questions you have. :+1:t3:


Love this!! I’ll have to do some tinkering around with that.

Thanks Brandon!