Here come the layoffs?

I keep hearing about more and more layoffs. Then again, a lot of people were hired during the pandemic, so some of this is to be expected. We’ll know if things are headed south soon enough.

  • How’s the outlook at your job?

Side note… I know it’s popular to blame the Fed when things go south. They are to blame, but the rise in interest rates is needed which may cause a recession.

Remember, the low to no interest rates and the pandemic spending caused the economy to artificially explode! That took the housing market to new records all based on low to no rates and money printing thanks to our Fed government.

That money has to come out of the system, and higher rates will do it. Of course, in a perfect world, there would be no rates and there would be no Fed.

Fortunately i work for my nephew and its only 2 days a week since imsemi retired. I feel its safest to work with family who are Christians than any other

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