Here Come The Anti-Aging Pills!

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You’ve seen the commercials, there’s a pill for every illness under the sun. Never mind the side effects that seem worse than the cure. However, there’s one pill they don’t have yet, an anti-aging pill. You know, a pill that you down every morning at breakfast that keeps you young and vibrant, forever. Who wouldn’t…


No thanks on the fountain of youthful idiots pill.

I think I will grow old gracefully in the LORD’S WORD.


Who wants to stay young in this woke world. I’ve seen enough nose rings, tongue metal, purple hair, tattoo bodies and the like.


I, too, will pass on this! :smiley:


I wonder what the side effects would be! :woman_facepalming:

Get in the sun, eat nourishing food, and live simply the way God intended.

but they say the sun is bad, they tell us the diets to follow and that some foods are bad-cows are bad, eggs are bad, etc, and they push worldviews continually.

:upside_down_face: too many people listen to drs before God, the world before God, and their social media influencers before God.


at least its good to know most people actually love the idea of living. Gives me hope there will be some gleamed from the millinium.

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Who in their ‘right’ mind would want to live in this horrible place forever? I’m looking forward to leaving when my time comes. You Know what I’m say’in? :wink:

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