He That Is Not Against Us, Is For Us

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Have you ever noticed, we easily allow our worldly beliefs to alter our Christian relationships? Jesus touched on this in a conversation with the Disciples.


Great advice. I regret that I didn’t learn sooner in life to be quick to listen and slow to speak. At one time I guarded my opinions and beliefs with a shotgun.
I thought Bob Segar wrote ‘like a rock’ about my head. Standing firm on ones beliefs is not all bad. But you should research them for at least 50 yrs before you cast it concrete. My whole life I loved being around old folks. One lady friend of mine was a retired math teacher and had traveled around the world, I loved her dearly. She made a comment to me once that I’ll never forget. 'Honey, 'to know everything would be horrible, because you could never learn anything. It took thity years for me to realize that was her gentle and gracefull way of telling me that I didn’t know squat. If we are living and not learning we’ve wasted our time.