Have You Noticed Societies Profoundly Negative Impact On The Church?

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You know, I’ve talked a lot about “church” over the years. Church isn’t a building, church is simply a gathering of Christians. They might be gathered together in a park, in someone’s living room, or even right here on this website. Now let me tell you what unites Christians and brings us together, let me…

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So the next time you pass by someone, don’t look down or away, look them in the eye and say “hi” or “have a good day” and show that Christian smile.

I do that when I am out and about.

Lots of folks act shocked or look at you like you lost it.

They are like zombies.

Those that reply likewise are few and far between.

The Rifleman and The Twilight Zone.

Good stuff!!


Excellent post! You are so spot on when it comes to the boob tube! I’ll be at my mom’s and she’ll have the TV on. I am utterly amazed at what they have on. After not watching it for so many years you can actually SEE how they are programming minds. It’s sick!

And all the worldly things they push…sex, pharma, beauty, lgbtq…lmnop, relationships, college, garbage food, movie stars and more…it’s all insanity. And people don’t even realize what they are doing.

I have to admit, I dont know how you were able to watch the superbowl. Now mind you, we used to be big Packer fans…true cheesheads! Never missed a game…but when we finally opened our eyes to what the NFL was really all about…we quit…cold turkey.

I could go on, but I’ll shut yp for now. I just pray more people get their heads out of the sand (and their phones) and realize what is going on. And I truly believe that the only way that will happen is if they find Jesus and build their own personal relationship with Him.

OH! One more thing…it’s always my goal that when I see a grouchy store clerk or whoever, I try my hardest to get them to smile!


Absolutely right, Cozar. Especially young people. I experience that mostly at the gas pump and in the check out line. Unlike my era when people would interact with one another. pleasant ‘small talk’ Nice day! or Nice coat! or some other compliment. Now it freaks them out. I guess they are afraid you will ask for money, or follow them home.

As for the super bowl , I would never subject myself to that crap.

Just last night I watched a video of a ‘new life’ female lesbian minister with a rainbow adorned gown and teaching that Jesus had two dads. [her words] and in another clip she stated 'When we read Corinthians we notice that ‘Paul’ is a real jerk. She was speaking soothingly and had a perpetual smile. I’ve always associated LGBTQ ministers with plastic flowers, a wooden nickel or a bucket with the bottom rusted out. None of them having any real value or practical use.

I agree with Brandon except that it’s not repairable or reversible. In fact, it will get worse, much worse. And much harder to resist and remain faithful, just as the bible warns.


I have noticed that too. It is like they don’t trust you and can you blame them. The whole world is full of snakes, even those who used to be respected and set the standard.

Some of it is geographical. In moving to the so-called bible belt, the friendliness is much better. What is weird, sometimes I think, okay, what do they want. (Not used to the friendliness)
Even in the big home improvement stores, they are friendly. Up north, when entering, if even asked what you wanted, the tone and attitude made you ask for directions to another store.

Here, many believe if you don’t use the King James, you aren’t getting the truth. While talking with church goers, the big wall is the Jew misunderstanding. It is like you have to start all over to build the foundation to even share scripture or have the conversation.


It’s almost like a “strong delusion” has over taken them.


You guys literally said my response for me…man I love being in church with you guys!! :heart::joy:


Yes, it is but when you explain it to them, they almost get angry. It’s like they keep insisting, 2 + 2 = 5.

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It’s mostly the Zionist Judeo Christians, mostly. :innocent:

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They mostly come out at night, mostly!

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I agree that it is geographical. I almost always strike up a conversation while standing in line. But we are more in the country…although thats changing fast. The small towns around us used to be very friendly, but they really are deteriorating…some I now avoid all together. I think a lot has to do with how close they are to the interstate or freeway. The closer towns tend to be going down hill.

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I found an interesting supplement to my article titled, Why Americans Suddenly Stopped Hanging Out.

Everyone see’s it, and it’s been happening for sometime, it just seems so much more exaggerated these days.

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I’ve given considerable thought to that subject. When my wife were young we loved meeting new friends and hanging out with people, probably up to the age of 55 when I noticed it was tapering off more and more. I think it has to do with maturity. At our age now we cook all meals at home. never go anywhere or have company and we like it that way. We don’t feel the need to entertain or to be entertained. Having guest’s is a lot of work and can be very awkward. I have to think that we simply grew out of that phase of life.

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