Have More People Been Killed By Abortion Or War?

Full article at: The Startling Facts: Abortion Deaths Vs War Deaths | World Events and the Bible

If you had to take a guess, have more souls been lost due to war, or due to abortion? Many of us would probably say war. War brings thoughts of blood and death in massive numbers. I mean, think about the wars of the past, from the Civil War to World War II. There have…

Glad you put that in perspective, Brandon.
You have to count the likely offspring of those millions killed inside AND outside the womb,
as well, Now we know why the government voted to put a damper on abortion and begin importing young people into the country. I heard Elon musk saying that the biggest threat to the world is population depletion. I’m not sure what kind of man he is but one thing for sure he is no idiot, and he is a numbers man. Abortion is every bit as callous and gory as a battlefield, but is performed in a sanitized environment behind closed doors. No see, no hear, no problem. I am ashamed before God and ashamed of my country for allowing it.
I better stop there.

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