Hashbrown tips!

We use organic russet potatoes and grate them up. I soak the grated potatoes in cold water, rinse and do it once or twice more. Main objective is to get as much starch out as possible. You will notice that they don’t turn grey/brown as they sit now bc the starch is off.

My husband came up with the salad spinner idea! So I spin them and also take some paper toweling to get as much water off the taters.

Clarified Butter
You can purchase clarified butter, also called Ghee, or make it yourself. We make ours and there are different methods to so this. The main goal is to get all the milk solids out of the butter. Pat (hubby) did the quick stir method. He heated up the butter in a saucepan and rapidly stirred it to keep it from burning. You’ll reach a point when you will see it all separate out. Then he strained it with a fine mesh (metal) strainer or paper toweling.

The reason for using clarified butter is you get a rich flavor without the burning. Also it doesn’t make your hashbrowns overly greasy!

We either use our cast iron or the flat top griddle to do this. Pour (or scoop if cold) your clarified butter on the grill top and add grated potatoes. Before you start flipping them around, cover them to cook them up…like 5 minutes) Then you can start flipping them to brown them up real good! The shouldn’t at all!

We got a lot of these tips from Cowboy Kent Rollins, so we can’t take credit for this! I will link the video right here - he’s a real character and love watching him.



That’s an interesting way to do it, the butter too. We gave the video a look.

The wife said she has grated and does a twice rinse. I only grate (with skin, its the best part!), squeeze, and cook! :smile: Honestly, I typically just throw a little butter in the pan and olive oil. I cover sometimes, and yes, cast iron! :+1:t3:

Thanks for sharing Kay!

P.S. I think I’ll try both methods next time and see what we like better.


Ha! I think it’s been years since I’ve actually peeled a potato! And before we did it this way I spent many times getting frustrated with hashbrowns sticking - even in my well seasoned cast iron. I’m not saying I didn’t have a few choice words while I was doing it in the past…