Happy Christian Passover!

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Today (April 3rd, 2022, 14th of Abib), during the closing hours of the day, is the time when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. This signified that He fulfilled the law of old, and became the sacrifice to fulfill all others. This paved the way for our salvation. Christian Passover…


Happy Passover to each and every one of you. Through all the BS of this world, God is in control. Stick close to Him and He will always stick close to you.


Brandon Happy Passover! I was just about to ask you when we should observe Passover? I have seen at least 3 different opinions and times this week. From Hebrew Scholars and others. Our good friend from ( He is near) had a post today speaking of Wed night being the start of his 3 nights in the tomb and Sat being his ressurection. Sorry for getting this more confusing than need be. I am chasing kids constantly and I cant read as much as I know I should on this subject and so much more . Thank you and God Bless you today and always.

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Happy Christian Passover to you and our entire community here! We’ll be taking our communion tonight. I’m baking some unfed sourdough starter - first time using that. :slight_smile:

And I think we will be reading your post on Christian Passover 2023 together as a family. God bless!


The most important day of the year, to all of us. Last Saturday I’ve cried remembering the way of Christ to the cross. How the world treated Him. I imagined how terrified I would be if I were in His place. I felt wrath against those who crucified Him. A perfect being, without blemish. Full of compassion and grace. Later on I realised it was the will of God, and I tried to be happy, because there won’t be salvation hadn’t The Lord Jesus gone to the cross. But I wasnt able to be happy. My flesh didn’t allow it to me.
Today I’m happy. I see it like it is. So happy passover!


Happy Passover everyone!!


HAPPY PASSOVER! As the latter rain pours in these times of sorrow! Stand strong in the armor of God! In Yeshua’s blessed name! Amen.:pray::point_up::facepunch::grin:

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I had a special Passover experience yesterday which I am going to share. I told Brandon privately about it and he and his wife encouraged me to share it publicly.

First, I need to tell you about my dad’s clock. Dad went home to the Lord May 2020. I received his 25 year of service chime clock after he passed. It is a type with 3 wind mechanisms. We were away for 2 weeks over a year and a half ago and the windings ran out, so it hasn’t chimed since. It takes a while to get the time set right and I have just neglected to get it done.

My wife doesn’t really study, and the Easter tradition was always a hard nut to crack. We obviously don’t celebrate Easter so I would do my Passover celebration alone. Every year I would talk about the difference between the 2 etc. etc.

This year was different. I gave her another study with all the history of Easter on it. The Babylonian involvement seemed to be the eye opener. The fact that Christ wasn’t born yet, even though she heard it before.

We took our communion together, said our prayer that Brandon had laid out, kissed each other and then my dad’s clock chimed. My tears ran. It is a Passover I will never forget.


Welcome to the community Jeff!

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I am so happy for you, and your wife to have that precious moment! Words are not good enough! Thank you for sharing this type of hope , love, and in away miracles, I can only imagine what this means to you! Thank you Lord in Jesus Christ Name Amen!


Thank You. It is definitely a mixed bag of emotions. I can’t praise Him enough for the experience.


Welcome! Sorry so late to say so!

:slightly_smiling_face: To you as well, always In Jesus Christ Name Amen!

That is great! Glory be to God!!

I wished my husband’s eyes would open about Passover. It is so hard to get some family members to see and understand that Easter is a pagan tradition.

I am frequently asked if I am Jewish because I observe Passover and not Easter. :frowning_face:

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Welcome aboard Jeff!

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From my experiences, I don’t know of any churches that aren’t Jewish and honor Passover. So, it is a tough row to hoe. I too, was asked the, “are you Jewish”, question.
It also felt a little lonely, even though you’re not. I think it is all of us having the sweet as honey, bitter belly feeling through our walk, one way or another.

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There’s others.

We covered one of them a year or so back. The pastor became pretty famous for booting out law enforcement from his church on… Passover.

I know a lot of churches are or have abandoned “easter” in favor of “resurrection day.” I’ll take that any day of the week!


Yes, I remember that. I think that was Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Canada.


I missed that post, good for him.

Thanks! Good to be here!