Green energy is not “sustainable”

Let’s just admit, without excuse, green energy is not “sustainable.” Big oil has no problems dealing with inflation, but green energy sure does.

BTW, anyone wanna guess how much earth has to be mined for one EV battery? Hmmmm…

P.S. Italy is turning back on the nuke plants! ahahahahaha :smile:

When your teeth are chattering and the brown out eliminates your car charger, global warming isn’t so bad.
All that think we need to unplug should be forced to do so, successfully live the example, then we will talk.

Coal is cheap compared to natural gas. A measure of coal produces 7 times more BTU’s than an equal measure of any other fossil fuel. I doubt if there is any other entity that knows more about generating electricity than the companies that have been providing it for over a 100 years. They say that we have enough coal and can burn it safely for at least another 100 years until technology discovers an alternate method for generating electricity. Coal power plants at this time produce the cheapest, safest and most reliable power than any other fuel. They agree that there will be a time in the future when a more efficient and safer alternative to coal is developed, but that time isn’t hear yet. On the other hand, if everybody is ok with paying two or three times what you are paying now for electricity? That is doable at this time. And that is what we are seeing now.
By the way, Those ‘green propaganda films’ showing smoke rolling out of the tall stacks, 'that is steam, the same as when you see your own breath in cold weather. Another photo shop they like to put in front of people is the dead fish and birds floating in polluted water. That get’s 'em every time. In reality you will never see that at any power plant. Just say’in

Good news, the USA is the #2 exporter of LNG!

We would have been #1 if it wasn’t for that blasted fire at the Texas plant back in June.